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The Eternal City (TEC) is a Text-Based Multi-Player Role-Playing game, based in a Roman-inspired atmosphere. TEC offers FREE accounts, as well as Basic and Premium subscriptions, and is operated by Three Seas LLC.

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Welcome to the player-run unofficial Wiki, your best resource for information about the role-playing game, The Eternal City.

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About the Game

Welcome to Iridine

Iridine is a vast and ancient metropolis, its origins lost in myth. It is the beloved city of the sun god, Ereal, said to be raised as a monument to his victories over the eclipsing moons.

As the beacon of civilization in the world of Midlight, Iridine fights an ongoing war against anarchy and lawlessness. Thieves dart through the crowded streets. Bandits prowl the swamps and forests of Iridine's Republic. Cinerans are barely kept at bay by the Legio and concerned civilians.
No one remembers who built the Harbor of the Moons. No one can say when Moonfall took place, when the first purplish-black storms appeared, roiling through the moonlit countryside in furious silence. No one remembers just how old the inner city really is, nor to what ends of Midlight its folk were scattered.

And, the sages say, the veil between life and death weakens by the day – that Ravan, the Comforter of the Dead from ages forgotten, has gone mad – that he stalks the heavens once more, seeking to bring the destruction of Moonfall to Midlight.

A Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) Roleplaying Game

This fully text-based roleplaying game takes place in the realistic-fantasy world of Iridine, The Eternal City inspired by Roman history. TEC is wholly immersive and well-worth the investment of getting started.

Join for the chance to explore the vast gameworld, complex combat and non-combat mechanics. Stay for the unparalleled community and immersive roleplay. For the right person and the right price, Iridine offers the chance to become anything: gladiator, merchant, acolyte, hunter, bandit, legionary, entertainer, explorer, thief, and so much more.

#Latest Updates

- April 24th 2022: The newly re-released Herbalism skill set introduces new skills in its next phase! Visit the forums for more details.

- April 15th 2022: The long-awaited and newly re-released Herbalism skill set is currently being "soft launched" and tested by players!!

- April 15th 2022: For the remainder of April, please enjoy 50% off the cost of new skill slots. Enjoy Visit the forums for more details.

- February 24 2022: The 1st Annual TEC Awards on Twitch is here!! Vote for your favorite characters or just sit back and enjoy the show. Voting is open until March 11th. Awards will be held on March 12, 2022 @ 7:30pm EST. Visit the forums for more details.

- January 21 2022: After meeting their mercantile goals, the Astraean Kinsus Brothers are bidding farewell. They are holding an auction at Seneda's Auction House in Iridine to clear out their remaining goods before heading back home. @read 3798 on *news on in-game forums for more details.

- December 30 2021: Two traders from Astraea, the Kinsus Brothers, after losing one brother in the mysterious Kelestian mountains, have decided to bring their fine Aestivan wares to the capital city of Iridine. Rumor has it they have set up shop in the grassy field just west of the Blue Horse Inn.

- December 8 2021: Several bug & quality of life changes relating to Archery have been made. Review @read 3787 on *news within in-game forums for more details.

- October 31 2021: A new policy where PVP without cause or RP (aka "griefing") will result in consequences. Report instances of no-RP attacks to @report - 'Discipline Bugs'. Visit the forums for more details.

- September 29 2021: A domus bath option is now available for 250 StPs. Visit the forums for more details.

- September 29 2021: The new shop keeper Periona has opened her doors to "A Stitch in Time" in Quartz Height (across the road from the furrier who sells fur-covered doeskin and suede). In addition to teaching basic tailoring and the usual patterns, she has 26 new-release edging for all
your tailoring customization needs. Visit the forums for more details.

- September 16 2021: For the remainder of September, the cost for swapping skill slots is 50% off. Visit the forums for more details.

- August 22nd 2021: The StP to RP rate has been doubled through Wednesday. This means that for every 1 StoryPoint, you'll get 10 RPs, instead of the traditional 5 RPs. Enjoy! Visit the forums for more details.

- August 22nd 2021: The cost to retrait your characters is 50% off this week. Enjoy! Visit the forums for more details.

- August 21st 2021: Through Wednesday, the RP cost for custom weapons and armor(excluding faceplates/masks/hoods/etc.) is 50% off. Visit the forums for more details.

- August 13th 2021: Through Monday, the cost of both skill slots and character slots is 50% off. Enjoy! Visit the forums for more details.

- August 11th 2021: For the next week, the reroll timer for Veteran Characters has been lowered to one day. Enjoy those free VCs and your new stories! Visit the forums for more details.

- August 9th 2021: All accounts that have been with us since May have been given a Veteran Character Package scaled to the account type, and paid accounts have been given a Half Off Stats perk! Enjoy! Visit the forums for more details.

- August 6th 2021: One more for tonight - through the end of Monday, the cost to purchase GSP is now 50% off. Visit the forums for more details.

- August 6th 2021: As part of our one year celebration, through the end of day on Sunday, creature button pushes in the Welcome Room are free. Enjoy! Visit the forums for more details.

- August 1st 2021: ThreeSeas x TEC Anniversary Celebration has begun, including free Vet Char packages, OOC parchment event, in-game auction, Flash Sales and more! Also the release of a new perk: "1/2 off character stats". Visit the forums for more details.

- June 15th 2021: The current role point rate has been temporarily doubled. Enjoy! (In-Game Only Announcement)

- June 6th: On behalf of the TEC Wiki editors, Happy Pride Month!

- May 10th 2021: All shopkeepers have been updated with the "Balance" feature and various other minor updates. Visit the forums for more details.

- May 5th 2021: For the remainder of the month of May, the cost to retrait via the @traits command will be half-off. Enjoy! Visit the forums for more details.

- April 12th 2021: Happy National Pet Day! The cost for pet name changes and pet makeovers will be 50% off for the remainder of the week. Visit the forums for more details.

- April 11th 2021: Be sure to sign up for the official TEC Newsletter (separate from game in-game notifications).

- April 8th 2021: The Eternal City Refer-a-Friend promotion is live! Earn RPs and StPs by referring new players as well as mentoring both new and returning players. Visit the forums for more details.

- April 4th 2021: Submit your Location and Library Updates for Role Points! Have you spotted some dusty old footprints that probably should have washed away by now? We’re looking for suggestions on locations (squares) that could use a cosmetic update. Visit the forums for more details.

- April 1st 2021: Pushes of the Creature Button in the Welcome Area are Free through tomorrow night. Enjoy a little fun to kick off the month of April!
Visit the forums for more details.

- March 27th 2021: TEC Wikidot Submission Contest! We want your help! Contribute to this Wiki by June 30, 2021 for a chance to win one of several prizes! Visit the forums for more details.

- March 14th 2021: Recent Patch Notes address some confusion about how grappling tweaks affected archery, and some Nehal village adjustments. Visit the forums for more details.

- March 8th 2021: Leaving behind a corpse as part of the @retire command now costs 50 Role Points for all account types. Visit the forums for more details.

- March 6th 2021: Skill slot swaps are 50% off for the remainder of the month. Enjoy!

- March 6th 2021: Various game tweaks including changes to grapples, clear-hands, bank notes, gang markings and more. Visit the forums to see the full list of changes.

- February 25th 2021: New "Gear Alteration Packages" allow you to alter up to 5 items of the same theme in a single request. Visit the forums for full details.

- February 21st 2021: A 10% "Citizens Discount" in reputable shops within Iridine City and Quartz Heights is now available! Register first with Maxillion for a fee of 2 talents. Visit the forums for more details.

- February 17th 2021: Justice PK & Crime and Punishment review. Accounts are now limited to 1 VC package every 2 years as a result of a "Justice PK". Also, @retire in jail will now require staff approval. Visit the forums for more details.

- January 14th 2021: If you suddenly have account issues and cannot login to the game, please send or have them send an email to moc.emagyticlanrete|sc#moc.emagyticlanrete|sc or moc.liamg|roznarpmg#moc.liamg|roznarpmg. Visit the forums for details.

- January 8th 2021: For the month of January, the cost for VC packages will be half-off. Ring in your new year with a new story! Have fun in there! Visit the forums for details.

- December 20th 2020: Domus options are now available in several locations throughout Midlight. Please be sure to read the *news posting or visit the forums for more info.

- July 16th 2020: Character Traits have been revamped! New traits have been added, existing traits modified and overall trait values have been adjusted.

- April 8th 2020: Special thanks go out to PhillipeCP for providing us with a map of the Black Hand Caverns. The Shops page has been updated to include the offerings found in Seld. A town hall meeting was recently held and can be found here town-hall-meeting-03-27-2020

- December 26th 2019: Special thanks go out to Aoden's player for giving us the permission to add his hunting ground codex on the wiki! You can view it here: Aoden's Hunting Guide.

- October 6th 2019: A map of Seld is now available.

- October 3rd 2019: The road to Seld has been completed, and the town is now Open.

- August 20th 2019: The road to Seld recently caused the Black Hand Bandits to flee their old hideout and they have found themselves a brand new home. This is intended for high level characters. If you wish to learn more about it, seek for information IG. More information will be released in due time on the Wiki.

- July 6th 2019: Tale has just recently released The Officium de Humanitas, a great new place for low level characters who seek training and low-cost items.

#What's New In-Game

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Franlius Hunt - 29 May 2021 21:10

Rock Valley Dumps Excursion - 27 May 2021 13:27

Road to Seld - 21 May 2021 21:41

Grey Sands Exploration - 11 May 2021 00:16

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