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The Eternal City (TEC) is a Text-Based Multi Player Role Playing game, based in a Roman inspired atmosphere. TEC supports FREE accounts, as well as Basic and Premium subscriptions, and is operated by Three Seas LLC.

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About the Game

Welcome to Iridine

Iridine is a vast and ancient metropolis, its origins lost in myth. It is the beloved city of the sun god, Ereal, said to be raised as a monument to his victories over the eclipsing moons.

As the beacon of civilization in the world of Midlight, Iridine fights an ongoing war against anarchy and lawlessness. Thieves dart through the crowded streets. Bandits prowl the swamps and forests of Iridine's Republic. Cinerans are barely kept at bay by the Legio and concerned civilians.
No one remembers who built the Harbor of the Moons. No one can say when Moonfall took place, when the first purplish-black storms appeared, roiling through the moonlit countryside in furious silence. No one remembers just how old the inner city really is, nor to what ends of Midlight its folk were scattered.

And, the sages say, the veil between life and death weakens by the day – that Ravan, the Comforter of the Dead from ages forgotten, has gone mad – that he stalks the heavens once more, seeking to bring the destruction of Moonfall to Midlight.

A Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) Roleplaying Game

This fully text-based roleplaying game takes place in the realistic-fantasy world of Iridine, The Eternal City inspired by Roman history. TEC is wholly immersive and well-worth the investment of getting started.

Join for the chance to explore the vast gameworld, complex combat and non-combat mechanics. Stay for the unparalleled community and immersive roleplay. For the right person and the right price, Iridine offers the chance to become anything: gladiator, merchant, acolyte, hunter, bandit, legionary, entertainer, explorer, thief, and so much more.

Latest Updates

- March 8th 2021: Leaving behind a corpse as part of the @retire command now costs 50 Role Points for all account types. Visit the forums for more details.

- March 6th 2021: Skill slot swaps are 50% off for the remainder of the month. Enjoy!

- March 6th 2021: Various game tweaks including changes to grapples, clear-hands, bank notes, gang markings and more. Visit the forums to see the full list of changes.

- February 21st 2021: A 10% "Citizens Discount" in reputable shops within Iridine City and Quartz Heights is now available! Citizens must first register with Maxillion for a fee of 2 talents. Visit the forums for more details.

- February 17th 2021: "Justice PK" update & Crime and Punishment review. Accounts are now limited to being awarded one (1) VC package every two (2) years as a result of a "Justice PK". Also, @retire while in jail will now require staff approval. Visit the forums for more details.

- January 14th 2021: If you, or someone you know, suddenly have account issues and cannot login to the game, please send or have them send an email to moc.emagyticlanrete|sc#moc.emagyticlanrete|sc or moc.liamg|roznarpmg#moc.liamg|roznarpmg. These issues are likely a result of some yearly database maintenance and should be relatively easy to resolve. Visit the forums for details.

- January 8th 2021: For the month of January, the cost for VC packages will be half-off. Ring in your new year with a new story! Have fun in there! Visit the forums for details.

- December 20th 2020: Domus options are now available in several locations throughout Midlight. Please be sure to read the *news posting or visit the forums for more info.

- July 16th 2020: Character Traits have been revamped! New traits have been added, existing traits modified and overall trait values have been adjusted.

- April 8th 2020: Special thanks go out to PhillipeCP for providing us with a map of the Black Hand Caves. The Shops page has been updated to include the offerings found in Seld. A town hall meeting was recently held and can be found here town-hall-meeting-03-27-2020

What's New In-Game

A Summary of the Execution of Glern

08 Feb 2021 20:25

Author: Elowynn Damhain, Eagle Century, Rearing Stallion

16 Invex, 297 YOTR

Location: Campus Martius
Present: Legionaries Elowynn, Hizerimus, Daydro, Prydain, Ephistus, Hoenheim, Mavro and a squadron of Legio I; Constables Lelex, Kyna, Quinlen, Veridio; civilians Roq, Gurthum, Nartireo, Bethanie, Stagtus, Nyxus, Resi, Demios, Jageris, Syden, Zuiul, Sigo, Vakrend, Elvae, Treaa, Jaelic, Ikrax, Kered, Cobian, Owin, Nereza, Vrae and others.
Subject: Glern

Ahead of the execution, Legionaries scouted the area, along with our allies from the Traevant Militia, should any bandit action to rescue their brethren Glern be undertaken. No such activity occurred.

By order of the Senate, the prisoner Glern was executed by drawing and quartering by soldiers of Legio I. Legionary Prydain administered lashes upon the prisoner's bare back until the prisoner fell unconscious, whereupon the prisoner was once again roused to meet his end. The prisoner's limbs were each tied to the harnesses of four horses, who proceeded upon the orders of their Legion handlers to rend Glern into four different directions. His torso was perforated by a well handled knife pull; thereafter, the horses were commanded to complete their task by tearing Glern limb from limb. His torso split partially asunder and spilled his innards upon the ground.

Civilians were attentive and respectful for the most part, providing interested commentary on Glern’s last moments, though perhaps seemed unaware of Glern's identity or deeds. Nothing Glern did or said is worth mention.

The remains of the bandit were shoveled upon a pyre, and reduced to nothing but ash, disappointing the hovering flock of scavenger birds. The stench of burning flesh permeated the area, including the clothing of those gathered. Acolyte Jaelic was heard to claim the ashes for Cult rituals.

The Senate has communicated the following future intent: bandits from his group shall be executed behind closed doors, without spectacle. Glern's death was made public to give all a chance to observe justice be carried out, and to provide warning - however, it is unlikely his fellow criminals, or even Glern, learned anything from the effort.

Elowynn Damhain
Eagle Century, Rearing Stallion
Legio I

Monlon Volunteer Guard Patrol Log

26 Dec 2020 19:49

Author: Godo, Captain of the Guard

5th day of The Festival of Morning in the 297th Year of the Republic [12/17/2020]

I sneak into the kitchen at the Wayfarer for a snack and plan to discreetly make my way back to Monlon before any early-arriving Guard notice I am missing, when Valerie, Maitland, and Yumruk ambush me near the start of the Road to Vetallun. I play it off like it was all part of the plan when Jaelic, Vakrend, and dozens of others show up with a fragile bird-like woman that hopes to have a picnic and do some sight-seeing at the Temple in Monlon, or something like that. I offer the services of the Guard as escort for this procession, which both gives them something to do and distracts them from my unexpected presence in Iridine - continuing the trend of my total lack of planning ahead working in my favor.

We take an uneventful ferry ride to the Holy City, as they often tend to be since the ferrymaster has banned me from playing my lyre. We float past the same bunch of farmers in Darpen birthing their thousandth calf of the season, which should finally earn them the 'most calves' trophy they've long sought. As we depart the ferry, I quickly instruct the Guard to follow Jaelic, thus deflecting any responsibility to lead the procession towards the Temple, and Jaelic, in turn, instructs everyone to follow the fragile bird-like woman, thus shielding himself from the same responsibility. This is a man of dangerous intellect, I will watch him closely.

Leading us to the Temple, the woman places some jars of what I assume to be preserved foods and powdered spices onto a large table before asking us to share in some snacks. I was about to grab a jar with what I assume was a particularly tasty apple preserve when she hastily returned everything from the table to a large sack fastened securely on her belt. I did not understand why she would offer refreshments and pull them away at the last moment, but I'm glad nobody else got to eat anything either. We follow her down several steps into a dank cave full of bats, where everyone gets to take a turn placing a jar into holes in the floor. I make a mental note of which jars may have contained something especially delicious so that I may return later and try it for myself.

Completing this disappointing journey into the bowels of the Temple, that was bereft of snacks, the Guard get back to our usual business. We investigate mysterious goings-on at the abandoned Vigile Fort amongst the Rockslide, where Jaelic attempts to take a pungopiscor as a pet. While I am whole-heartedly for keeping one domestically, I inform him that scorpion-law in the Republic is not governed by reason and there is no way he's allowed to keep one as a pet. He looked at me with those dead eyes of his and said something forgettable. Having grown bored of the unsovable mysteries within the abadoned outpost, we made our way to the Ravines.

Determined to find the source of laughter from our past patrol, as I hate being left out of a good joke, I ordered the Guard to stay close together and make a clean sweep through. I didn't want one of them to hear it without me as I can't count on their ability to retell it to me later, and an imperfect retelling could render the joke totally unfunny. We searched high and low but could not find a single person to question on this matter, or at least none that were responsive by the time I remembered why we had gone out there in the first place.

Signed - Godo, Captain of the Guard

The Boars of Spring and other times, too

21 Dec 2020 21:49

Author: Cult of Ereal, Acolyte Jaelic

Across the forests of our land, from Blackvine to farther Rock Valley, boars can be found digging and searching for those juicy Spring tubers. In the past, records have shown at least four types of boars: the Razorback with it's bristly black hide, the Grizzly boar with it's large colorful red spotted fur, the Red boar with it's name sake bristly red fur, and the more common Wild boar with the dark brown bristly fur.

During these days of Ereal, Scran and Tulcus until the Festival of Armilustrium, the Cult of Ereal, Nurturing Light Sect, would like assistance on tracking the location, and time of day that the rarer Boar breeds can be found. Specifically, we would like information on where and when the Razorback, the Grizzly and the Red boars are found and culled. Financial rewards will be given to those who can hand in a fresh boar hide with location and time of day that it was killed.

Beyond the above, if one is able to find, kill and provide information an unique unknown boar species with hide evidence, a reward of 10 talents will be given.

Please refer to Acolyte Jaelic of the Nurturing Light Sect for more information.

The Grand Monlon Procession

18 Dec 2020 22:18

Author: Cult of Ereal, Acolyte Jaelic

In the early days of 297YR, the Cult of Ereal had it's annual pilgrimage procession to Monlon. This sacred ritual includes carrying the ashes of known, mourned and lost during the previous year. This occasion was led by both Aezenor and Jaelic of the Cult.

Departing from the eastern checkpoint of the city with a small group of followers, both Aezenor and Jaelic respectfully trekked to Vetallun, using gong and incense to announce their way. They were undisturbed by the forest bandits and dangers lurking nearby.

As the column of mourners arrived in Vetallun, Magistrate Aketoros greeted them briefly as persons arrived and added to the sacred march.

Eventually arriving at the great temple of Monlon, final respects were paid to the 'unknown' dead. Those who had passed away quietly in the Light but left behind family, friends and lovers.. Afterward, the urns of those collected from the previous year were placed upon the onyx altar at the entrance of the Temple. Crowning prayers and ritual remembrances for those ashed were carried out by the two Acolytes.

Finally, members of great mourning entered the Sacred place of rest for the urns. Finding an appropriate niche, those who participated in the march were invited to take an urn and place it in a place of final rest and safety. After some viewing of the area and peeking inside niches of the past, the large group returned to the onyx altar where they eventually disbanded to other endeavors.

Those who participated, besides the members of the Ereal Cult, included Aoden, Astelle, Demios, Ahirom, Stranus, Constable Nerwintok, Yumruk, Valerie, Eltariel, Cyria, Vakrend, Godo, and Maitland and Kierstaad.


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