Adrian Lantos

Adrian Lantos
The ancestor of Senator Egeanus Lantos was a short, unassuming man. He held the requisite military office as a young man and, despite a healthy ambition, never incited expectations of a brilliant career. He was admitted to the Senate at a relatively young age and spent most of his time weighing in on important matters of military financing and composition. Several times, he was appointed as a representative to negotiate with factions of the Cineran nobility; his constant envoys to Cinera gave him an appreciation for those people matched by very few of his contemporaries.

Over the course of his diplomatic career, he was given to understand the importance of Franlius. The border town, Cinera's southern-most outpost, was the constant staging area for attack into Iridine. The town itself was practically invulnerable to attack; it only changed hands so often among Cinera's warring tribes because of intrigue and betrayal.

So it was that when he was elected Consul - not for any particular platform, but because he had paid his dues and served his time - Lantos shocked the Senate by announcing a campaign to take Franlius. He batted away suggestions of searching for glory and insisted that it was a military necessity—that, by razing Franlius and seizing the position for Iridine, he would be removing the chief means of ingress for invading armies. Still facing massive skepticism, he set out to take Franlius. The battle for Franlius would take most of a decade. A series of brilliant military maneuvers, destroying practically the entire Cineran relieving army, gave the Senate the confidence to reelect him Consul over and over and over during the siege's duration. Finally, after nine years of constant battle Adrian was able to take Franlius. He was given the governorship by the Senate and served in that capacity for another decade, strengthening Franlius' fortifications and making it once again impregnable.

The razing of Franlius, however, drained the Republic of its martial resources. Sensing an opportunity, hordes of barbarians from the southern mountains swarmed the Republic. They destroyed all in their path; Viron and dozens of other villages were destroyed with scenes of unspeakable cruelty. The barbarians made it to Vetallun and torched to the city before Lantos heard of their drive, and as he was making preparations to march to the city to relieve it the barbarians sacked Iridine itself.

It was the first sack of Iridine in over a hundred years. As most of the commoners in the city fled to the relative safety of the Steps (newly derelict as the nobility moved into more elegant neighborhoods), the Legio pulled back into the Tip and prepared for the siege. For forty-seven days and nights, the barbarian hordes camped around the Tip, occupying Transinvexium and the northern grasslands. The attacks were continuous and brutal, and the young commander of the forces inside, Arandes Pardelian, was almost convinced to surrender by the members of the Senate.

The battle-hardened forces of Adrian Lantos were more than a match for the barbarian army, however, that soon fell back. Joining Pardelian's forces in a push, the barbarians were driven back beyond Vetallun and allowed to run back to the foothills.

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