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Those from the Aestivan League are ordered and rational in their everyday
thinking and actions…unless something or someone gets in their way. Then
their stubbornness in overcoming the obstacle is legendary. Aestivan
stubbornness is a source of pride to them and has been the subject of songs
and plays, usually with determination winning all for the hero. Aestivan
culture has also been shaped by their talent for engineering. They build some
of the most formidable and rock-solid buildings ever seen on Midlight, as
well as superior bridges and roads. This talent arose out of their need to
re-create the land around them into an ordered, well-kept country, despite
what mountains or marshes lay in their way. Aestivans are an earthy, ground-
based people, and their culture reflects this. Long after others have given
up on a seemingly hopeless project, an Aestivan will worry the problem
into a solution through sheer bull-headed stubbornness.

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