Easternmost trading post of the Republic, recently taken from Cinera. This has generated some tension between the two nations, of course, though the Cinerans who are no longer under the thumb of a Warlord are generally quite pleased. During the wars with Iridine, the area was guarded by Legio II, Cohorts IV and V. The area is also famous for the Blockade of Astraea, when forces of the Cinera and Aestiva led by the Aestivan General Mithradates surrounded and nearly starved out the citizens and Legio detachments over a course of a few months. There was an attempt at taking the city, but the walls were defended by the hero Decurion Cyricus Damale.

Atroclus Traevant, a mildly influential senator in the Allende coalition, owns a great deal of uncleared land inbetween the city and Jackal's Point.

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