Avros Gladius Combat

The name 'Avros' is a famous one, belonging to a semi-legendary swordsman who lived roughly five hundred years ago. Though scholars believe, according to historical references, that the man actually existed, the sheer volume of feats and stories attributed to Avros makes it unclear what part of the man is real and what part is myth.

It is also ambiguous as to whether or not the historical 'Avros' actually developed the gladius fighting style bearing the same name. The techniques themselves are real, as any swordsman would tell you, and are particularly valued amongst lone rogues, adventurers, and left-handed misfits. Avros, as a fighting style, prefers single combat, particularly the kind of one on one combat that is glorified by song and legend. Although its techniques are pretty much useless in a formation of soldiers, they are highly effective in skirmishes and duels.

Avros is also a popular amongst patricians, noble families, and other members of the upper-class. Swordsmanship is regarded as part of the 'proper' upbringing of many rich children, used to develop character and discipline. Many patricians are apalled by the 'dirty' tactics often used by Pardelian practitioners and, aside from the Nelsor family, they view gladiator swordfighting as a vulgar display of crowd-pleasing moves. For many a noble's son, Avros is the perfect blend of elegance and deadliness.

Skill Info Ranks Taught by Trainer
Skills/Actions Difficulty Hands Range Wound Dreggo Varga
Avros Gladius Combat Easy - - - 80 300
Sunrise Block Average Either - - 80 175
Forced Thrust Average Either Short Cut 80 175
Rapid Strike Easy Either Short Cut 80 175
Flailing Defense Average Either - - 80 175
Pivot Lunge Difficult Either Short Pierce 80 175
Strike and Smash Difficult Either Short - 80 175
Whirling Strike Average Either Short Cut 80 175
Stab and Slash Average Either Short Cut 80 175
Flinging Disarm Difficult Either Short - 80 175
Needle Strike Average Either Short Pierce 80 175
Dueling Stance Easy - - - 80 100
Skill Prerequisites
Forced Thrust 10 Ranks in Swords Jab
10 Ranks in Swords Stab
Rapid Strike 30 Ranks in Swords Chop
Pivot Lunge 20 Ranks in Swords Lunge
Strike and Smash 10 Ranks in Swords Chop
Whirling Strike 20 Ranks in Swords Chop
20 Ranks in Swords Slash
Stab and Slash 20 Ranks in Swords Stab
20 Ranks in Swords Slash
Needle Strike 40 Ranks in Swords Jab

Directions to Dreggo (Blackvine): Walk to Vetallun Road, Walk to Vetallun Crossroads, Walk to Blackvine, Ex4, Sx6
Directions to Varga (City of Monlon): Walk to Monlon Bank, Sx2, NE, Ex3, S, Ex3

Additional Notes

  • You must wield a medium-sized shield, such as a long shield, in order to use the Avros style. 1
  • You can also use the Avros style with no shield, but only if you do not know the Nelsor style of sword fighting. 2
  • Avros SP can also be used to train OHS, CMs, and Shields but not the other sword styles.

Sunrise Block

A sweeping block from the left-to-right (reversed if left handed), this maneuver is more effective than simple and crosswise blocks. Knowing this technique enhances the practitioner's defense against all forms of slashing or "horizontal" attacks.

When you see this in use you see:
With a smooth twist of his hand, Dreggo catches thug's knife on the blade of his tin gladius!

Forced Thrust fthrust <target>

The wielder strikes with the middle of his blade, trying to hit the enemy's weapon, but not to knock it aside. The follow-through of this maneuver is a wrist-flip that, if successful, results in a low-strength Slashing Strike that cannot be blocked with the opponent's main weapon. Failure leaves the wielder off-guard and off-balance, so against quick opponents this is not very safe.

When you see this in use you see:
Dreggo pushes forward with the center of his gladius, catching a thug's tin dagger and flipping a quick slash around it with a snap of the wrist! He suffers a cut to his right thigh.

Rapid Strike rstrike <target>

The wielder makes a chopping strike with exceptional speed and surety. If successful, this maneuver amounts to a very fast, very strong chop. If the strike is blocked or if it misses, however, the chance of losing one's weapon is higher- high enough to be a real possibility. Trading grip for speed can be dangerous.

When you see this in use you see:
With blinding speed, Dreggo chops down his gladius in a blow aimed at a thug! He suffers a cut to his left arm.

Flailing Defense distract <target>

The wielder begins flailing his gladius in front of him like a bladed baton (still holding it by the handle, of course). The rapidly-moving blade is a distraction to an unskilled opponent, and if the opponent is really inexperienced, the next attack the wielder attempts gets a large bonus. If the opponent is of near-equal or superior skill, however, -his- next attack or block gets the bonus instead. Instructors often use this to demonstrate the value of focus to their pupils.

When you see this in use you see:
With a tight grip on his tin gladius's handle, Dreggo attempts to wave it about in front of thug, but the motion comes off as clumsy and slow.
With a tight grip on his tin gladius's handle, Dreggo rapidly waves it just in front of thug.

Pivot Lunge pivot <target>

The wielder pivots ninety degrees to the left or right. At the same ime, he stabs in that direction and steps in behind the blade. This maneuver is useful in situations wherein the wielder is surrounded by opponents. This flanking attack allows him to place his target between him and the other attackers, in effect 'retreating' from everyone except the target.

When you see this in use you see:
Dreggo retreats.
Twirling as he pivots quickly to one side, Dreggo makes a sudden lunge with his tin gladius, catching thug on the flank! thug suffers a puncture hit to her waist.

Strike and Smash smash <target>

The wielder slashes diagonally, top to bottom, trying to knock aside the opponent's weapon or draw it down, as he steps forward. With his sword-arm's shoulder, he delivers a body-check. If successful, this attack knocks the opponent back and off-balance, sometimes down. If unsuccessful, the maneuver leaves the wielder off-balance and facing in the wrong direction for a moment.

When you see this in use you see:
Chopping quickly with his gladius, a man in a hooded cloak manages to knock down a thug's tin dagger, driving his shoulder forward in a powerful body check! He manages to knock a thug completely off his feet!
Chopping quickly with his gladius, Dreggo manages to knock down a thug's tin dagger, driving his shoulder forward in a powerful body check! He pushes a thug off balance, forcing a high opening!

Whirling Strike whirl <target>

The wielder whirls around, extending his sword arm, and chops with all the accumulated momentum at the opponent. If it fails, the wielder may end up pivoting to one side, leaving his flank unguarded and creating an opening.

When you see this in use you see:
Extending his gladius in one hand, Dreggo whirls around as he steps towards a thug, before finally bringing the blade down in a powerful diagonal slash! He suffers a severe cut to his left arm.
Extending his gladius in one hand, Dreggo whirls around as he steps towards a thug, but fails to land a good hit with the blade.

Stab and Slash sslash <target>

The wielder is now fast and skilled enough to turn a stab into a slash halfway through without really thinking about it. The wielder drags the blade out at a perfect angle instead of straight, resulting in an additional cutting attack.

When you see this in use you see:
Stabbing a thug suddenly with his gladius, Dreggo cloak draws his arm back halfway and cuts across with a follow up slash!

Flinging Disarm fling <gladius>

Used in situations wherein the wielder's gladius has been grappled by another, this technique allows him to reverse the situation, free his blade, and cause his opponent to lose his grip on his weapon. Through a circular movement, the wielder extricates the gladius and forces the opponent's weapon out of the center line, leaving the opponent vulnerable. This technique relies more on skill and dexterity rather than strength.

When you see this in use you see:

Needle Strike needlestrike <target>

Stepping towards the target sideways to present a narrower target, the Avros practitioner delivers a series of light but very rapid jabs. Lesser opponents are often very intimidated by this maneuver, overwhelmed by the sheer number of attacks. More experienced opponents will have learned to treat the range of jabs as "one" thrust, and block accordingly.

When you see this in use you see:
Extending his gladius in one arm, Dreggo steadily steps sideways towards a thug, unleashing several rapid jabs in quick succession! He suffers a puncture to his left thigh. He suffers a puncture to his left thigh.

Dueling Stance duel

As maneuvers vary depending on which style a swordsman uses, one must learn how to stand properly in order to execute the attacks. It takes a while for those just learning the stance to properly enter it, but upon becoming a grand master in the stance, one is capable of falling into the stance immediately before striking.

When you see this in use you see:
Dreggo sweeps one foot back and spreads his legs slightly, keeping his weapon arm lowered and slightly bent. The gladius remains on guard, pointed towards his front.

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