Battles Of Monlon

Lead up to the Second Battle

Events started in real time January 8th, 1999.

The city of Astaea fell to a combined force of Cineran and Aestivan soldiers, who then proceeded to march for the Holy City of Monlon. Raiders and an entire Cineran band reach as far as Vetallun, fighting both Iridine soldiers and volunteers at the Vetallun Bridge. They would be camped in and around the area for some time.

Meanwhile, Cinerans and their Aestivan allies attacked the holy city of Monlon, seizing the Monlon fort. Many fighters and healers piled in to defend the city. Esecarnus, Cineran footman, Cineran muscular soldiers, Aestivan shield-bearers and Aestivan Hyaspists attacked the defenders repeatedly. Then under the orders of General Narisse of the Aestivan Military Council, they retreated back into the fort.

Flavius, the Governor of Monlon held a party to thank the defenders of Monlon. After a night full of entertainment and food, a messenger from the Aestivan League arrived and handed Flavius the banner of an Iridine Cohort, apparently destroyed completely on the war front.

March 1999

As the day turned to twilight on the nineteenth day of Scran, the Consul Seredian Allende turned out in the forum west of the Well of Comitia to express his deepest gratitude and thanks to the brave men and women that rescued him from the clutches of the Black Wolves. While questions still remain about the reasons the Wolves kidnapped the Consul and held him right within the walls of Iridine, Allende was able to smile and claim to be in perfect health. As a token of his appreciation, he commissioned a large statue of a man and a woman, both armed to the teeth, with a pedestal underneath citing the names of all those people that aided him. Among those names stood out that of Talius Noraetis, a patrician that led the rescue for his patron Allende; Licinius Dendrius, a then-disgraced Centurion whose loyalty provided the impetus for the rescue; and the priestess Kassandra, head seer of the Sect of the Revealing Light, whose visions and charms were able to find the hiding place of Allende. Other notables that led the men include Subalterns Wallace and Thoras, the constables Annatar and Grazen, and the locksmith Drunser.
Licinius received more than just his name on a plaque. As the crowd watched, Seredian Allende (who had already given a full pardon for any outstanding warrants for Licinius' arrest) reannointed him the First Centurion of the First Cohort of Legio I. The good soldier hesitated at this, mentioning he would feel uncomfortable putting the capable Legionaire Viridus, current primopilus of Legio I, out of work. After considering this for a moment, Allende agreed. 'No, Centurion, you can not be primopilus again,' Allende said, 'Licinius Alveticus Dendrius, you are now a Junior Tribune of the Legio.' The festivities concluded shortly thereafter, and Licinius went to celebrate his new position with curses and ale.
All in all, a good showing by Allende, a man whose support among the people has never wavered, and with gratitude like this, never will.

January 5th, 2000:

On the night of the 12th day of Jemros in the 219th year of the Republic, Monlon was again under attack. An army of nearly 12,000 Cineran and Aestivan soldiers marched towards the Holy City. Legio II was stretched to the limit on the front lines, and Legio I was nowhere to be seen.

Citizens and soldiers alike defended the Holy City at the barricade north of Monlon, healers tended dozens of wounded soldiers from Legio II that were able to cross the fields in search of such healing. Despite the attacks and bombardments from Cineran Archers, they held off the enemy.

Then a lone Iridine Soldier rode in with a message, leaping over the Aestivan lines, this is what he had to say;

'The Cinerans are in route! Calsuan marches south with three warlords in chains! Calsuan is in pursuit of the fleeing Cinerans, the head of Warlord Kars at his belt.'

The battle was won! Rumor is that Sordo Calsuan slew Warlord Kars himself, and his cavalry was chasing warlord Juxta, of the Imperial Party into the mountains as morning drew near. No news has come of General Narisse, but rumor is, Calsuan plans to followup this victory by retaking the Monlon fort.

January 13 (10:18:13 AM) 2000 - Captured Cinerans Enter Iridine

On the 23rd Day of Jemros in the 219th Year of the Republic, loud noises and cheers were heard coming from Vetallun Road. When one arrived at the scene, one noticed a large horse drawn caged cart with captured Cineran warriors was being pulled down the streets and escorted by numerous soldiers. When asked what it was for, an Officer stated, 'These men are to be placed in the fights tonight by order of the Consul.' With that a large cheer broke out and the constables present, including myself, had to press through the crowds and calm over excited citizens throwing fruits.
The spectacle was enjoyed by the population, many lined the streets cheering and clapping all along the route and followed the cart into the arena gates. When told the cart had reached it's destination, many sighed and the crowd began to disperse. The officer thanked all who helped escort the prisoners and with a wave of his hand, the prisoners were taken into the dark corridors to await an unknown fate on the sands of the arena.

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