Blockade Of Astraea

Events as recorded by Cyricus:

In his first year serving the Legio, Cohorts V and IV were positioned right outside of Astraea to help quell the Cineran and Aestivan skirmishes that had been intensifying in the previous months. Day to day life consisted of little more regular patrols and drills, but still Cyricus kept his skills sharp, his mind honed. His daily routine consisted of keeping an intimate record of all happenings to a painstaking extreme, four hours of patrol, two hours of drills, followed by two hours of sword practice with fellow grunts and officers alike.

Six months into his tenure on the outskirts of Astraea, a battle that would later become known as the 'Astraean Blockade' ensued. Cineran forces under the order of General Mithradates attempted to subdue the city and push back Iridine forces to bring supply caravans in from the north. The Cineran forces were 1,600 strong, nearly double what Iridine had mustered.

Early on the 13th day of Scran, four centuries of Aestivan Hoplites and two entire cohorts of Cineran elite descended on the military city hoping to catch the enemy at bay. Little did they know legion scouts had been sent out days before to keep track of troop movements, and they had anticipated the attack. Vastly outnumbered, the legions fought valiantly and without end to stop the assailants in their tracks, never even placing a single foot inside the city walls. The enemy forces withdrew in complete disbelief, and Cyricus' efforts on the walls that day earned him the promotion of Optio.

The 'blockade' lasted several months. Mithradates' rage combined with Aestivan stubbornness eventually dwindled their troops to a few hundred men, while the legion had lost no more than one hundred, nearly depleting all of their own supplies they had hoped to move into the city. In one last push of insanity Mithradates pushed forward with all of his men witha new tactic. He had every last man arm himself with a pilum, and hurl them over the city walls. The soldiers, while prepared for this, were not expecting this kind of tactic from the usually methodic Aestivan troops, and lost hundreds of men in a time frame of less than thirty minutes. Outnumbering the Cineran force six to one, The legions pushed forward to wipe the enemy forces out once and for all. The front lines struck the Aestivan wall hard, gradually pushing through it until they had separated it into two sections. Cyricus and his squad of ten seized the opportunity and rushed through, catching the Cineran forces behind off guard. An hour later, Mithradates had fled and the legions had lost little more than fifty men. Standing at the far side of the field were Cyricus and his squad covered in Cineran blood from the dozens of men each and every one of them had taken on the path getting there.

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