Cineran Knife Fighting

Cineran Knife Fighting is known as a refined fighting style from the distant land as 'The Dance of Drizzling Blood' where people consent to be bound together and then attack until someone draws blood three times. The skill builds on a knowledge of knives and their slashing properties, particularly in close quarters, to wield an effective blade. Those who aspire to become grandmasters have been known to be some of the most deadly opponents to face in Cinera. The skillset is particularly suited to small bladed weapons with a longer slashing surface, such as the common fighting dirk.

Skill Info Ranks Taught by Trainer
Skills/Actions Difficulty Hands Range Wound Vitrus Maerodus
Cineran Knife Fighting Easy - - - 300 75
CKF Screnaca Coranadin Stance Easy - - - 100 75
CKF Slashing Block Average - - - 175 50
CKF Dirk Balance Difficult - - - 175 50
CKF Rib Tickle Difficult 1 Short Pierce 175 50
CKF Triple Cut Difficult 1 Short Pierce/Cut 175 40
CKF Face Slash Difficult 1 Short Cut 175 50
CKF Wrist Slash Difficult 1 Short Cut 175 50
CKF Backhand Slash Average 1 Short Cut 175 45
CKF Quick Draw Difficult 1 - - 175 50
CKF Markad Slash Average 1 Short Bruise/Cut 175 50

Directions to Vitrus (Franlius): From town square, Nx1 , NEx2 , Nx3
Directions to Maerodus (Monlon): Take the ferry to Monlon

Skill Prerequisites
CKF Dirk Balance 20 Ranks in Knives Wrist-Dancing
CKF Rib Tickle 30 Ranks in Knives Slash
20 Ranks in Knives Underhand Stab
CKF Triple Cut 20 Ranks in Knives Jab
20 Ranks in Knives Slash
20 Ranks in Knives Chop
CKF Face Slash 30 Ranks in Knives Slash
CKF Markad Slash 20 Ranks in Knives Slash
Skill RT (90 reflexes) RT (195 Speed) Bonus/Penalty to hit
Wrist Slash 3+MoS 2+MoS
Markad Slash 2+MoS +5 Bonus (up to +25)
Backhand Slash 3+MoS 0
Face Slash 2+MoS -25 Penalty
Rib tickle
Triple Cut 3+MoS -85 to -10 (Variable)
Markad Slash*
Ranks in Punch Bonus
1 0
10 + 2
50 + 10
100 + 20
  • Every 10 ranks in Punch gain +2 Bonus up to rank 100. Hard cap bonus of 20.
Triple Cut*
Cumulative Ranks in Slash/Chop/Jab Penalty
60 -80 Penalty
200 -10 Penalty
  • Every 10 ranks in Jab OR Slash OR Chop reduce penalty by 5 up to 200 cumulative ranks.

Additional Notes

A bonus is applied to slashing attacks that take advantage of a fluid back and forth movement. The list of affected skills and their starting positions (forehand or backhand) are below. All skills end on the opposite hand from whence they began. The bonus is a random from +0 to +32 depending on your rank with the skill your using, only available with a free hand or using a buckler.

Forehand Slashes: Chop, Slash, Whirling Slash, Markad Slash, Triple Cut
Backhand Slashes: Face Slash, Wrist Slash, Backhand Slash, Stab and Slash

CKF Screnaca Coranadin Stance ckf

Well-suited to the elaborate ritual duel, the stance of the Dance of Drizzling Blood emphasizes moving into close contact quickly with the enemy and quickly delivering a bloody blow. The stance assists with one's attacks, but does little to increase your defensive ability.

Maerodus nods.
Maerodus says to you, "In formal ceremony, this fighting style is called 'The Dance of the Drizzling Blood', and the duelists are quite literally bound to each other in combat until a winner is decided."
Maerodus says, "For our purposes, I teach a common adaptation known as the Screnaca Coradin stance where fighters are not tied together."
Maerodus says, "It allows for considerably more movement, of course, but remains primarily an offensive fighting style and offers little in terms of helping with your defenses."
Maerodus says, "Mastery of this basic skill is a requirement if you wish to use this style effectively."

When you see this in use you see:
Maerodus brings his retalq dagger to bear before him, bending his knees as he shifts his weight from foot to foot rhythmically.

CKF Slashing Block

A seemingly desperate and wild block at first, the wielder attempts to slash at an incoming attack with the blade of his weapon preemptively.

Maerodus smirks.
Maerodus says to you, "Well, in the close quarters that the Drizzling Blood style forces, there is little room for efficient blocks. The slashing block we teach is almost an attack itself, an attempt at striking the weapon before it strikes you."
Maerodus says, "A master of this technique can use it to create openings that are potentially fight-ending when followed through with a wrist slash."

When you see this in use you see:
A thug brings down his tin dagger in a chopping motion aimed at Maerodus, but misses. Maerodus swings at a tin dagger in a wild slash, catching it on the blade of his retalq dagger and stopping it in mid-motion.

CKF Dirk Balance dirkbalance

The wielder takes his dirk and nimbly attempts to use his expert command of not only the weight of it but also the speed of his hands. Unlike Wrist-dancing this move is not made to impress but to downright show your opponent how insignificant their skills are compared to yours. A successful attempt puts the dirk squarely in the wielders hands and an unsuccessful attempt will leave the wielder looking like a fool and his dirk on the floor.

In a dazzling display, Maerodus tosses a wide foot-long dirk with a leather-wrapped handle around his index finger to a half-mocking tempo before re-wielding.
Maerodus says to you, "This serves as a warning to your opponents that you, as much as your blade, are a weapon. A skilled performance of it in combat may also distract opponents long enough for you to land a strike home. Knowledge of wrist-dancing is a must before you will ever hope to perform like this."

When you see this in use you see:
Clumsily attempting to balance a retalq dagger, a man in a hooded cloak ends up dropping it instead.
Vitrus attempts to balance a retalq dagger on one finger but it hardly stays up for long before falling back down.
In several intricate motions, Vitrus spins a retalq dagger onto two of his fingers in turn.

CKF Rib Tickle ribtickle <target>

Used as a defensive counter Rib Tickle is an attack that the wielder will use when grappled with an opponent. While in such a tight grasp someone trained in this skill can be assured that every successful strike will yield a strong chance of a critical hit due to how dangerously close they are to their opponent. This maneuver offers the opportunity to release the grappled hold, depending on the grappler's fortitude.

Maerodus nods to you.
Maerodus says to you, "Unless you are tied to an opponent, or frequently stuck fighting wrestlers, it is not something you will use frequently."
Maerodus grins to you, "But with it, you might one day find yourself surprising your way out of a grapple and then surprising your enemy's guts out onto the floor."

When you see this in use you see:
Vitrus grapples with a thug from a close position, managing to deliver a slashing strike at the ribs with his dagger!

CKF Triple Cut triplecut <target>

Rumored to be used only by the most proficient of knives users, this attack attempts to strike your opponent with up to three precision strikes. Although without training the required moves to grand master status, you will mostly be landing one weak hit.

Maerodus grins.
Maerodus asks you, "I heard it was a priest who first brought this to Iridine's attention some years ago. Is that true?"
Maerodus continues without waiting for an answer, "Well, our shepherds do know how to execute spiritual might better than any fool heretic will hope to achieve."
Maerodus says to you, "If you, too, wish to demonstrate the true combat mastery given to us by the Conqueror, then Triple Cut will one day become your friend."
Maerodus says, "It requires skill in the humble slash, jab and chop attacks and your success at it depends as much on that basic training as it does on the sequence of Triple Cut itself."

When you see this in use you see:
In a dazzling blur of movement Maerodus tightly grips his retalq dagger and makes a rapid slash at a thug! Maerodus's hand quickly darts his blade across in a follow-up slash! He then manages to revolve completely, powerfully jabbing forward his blade in a final strike! She suffers a cut to her back. She suffers a cut to her left arm. She suffers a puncture to her right hand.

CKF Face Slash fslash <target>

Similar to the face-targeting technique that whip wielders will employ, a good CKF fighter will aim for facial openings that cause his opponents focus to be somewhere else. Like how close that dirk just came to slashing his eye in two. The maneuver is well-suited to creating bloody, if minor, wounds on the face. The target may be stunned, depending on her fortitude.

Maerodus grins.
Maerodus says to you, "A good way of distracting your opponent for a few seconds is to make him consider the possibility that he may lose an eye to this fight."
Maerodus says, "Face slash aims to accomplish this, giving you a chance to gut him like a fish."

When you see this in use you see:
Vitrus steps towards a thug with his retalq dagger held high and brings it across her face in a vicious slash. She suffers a cut to her face. The retalq dagger brutally cuts a cherry-red cut below the eye!

CKF Wrist Slash wslash <target>

Having spent countless hours blocking your opponents eventually gives you ideas for possible areas to strike at next. CKF Wrist Slash is an attack which must follow one of the wielders Slashing Blocks and must be within 5 seconds of blocking. The attack itself is light, but normally causes a light bleed to the opponent in the wrist of their attacking hand. There is a chance the attack may disarm the opponent.

Maerodus says to you, "Once you've become used to stopping attacks with slashing block, you'll notice that it leaves the target's wrist conveniently exposed."
Maerodus says, "Wrist slash capitalizes on this opening and allows you to draw blood easily. You might also get lucky enough to hit a nerve and disarm them. Fights don't last long after that."
Maerodus smirks.

When you see this in use you see:
Following through with his block, Maerodus draws the blade of his retalq dagger down across a thug's wrist in a quick slashing motion. A thug suffers a cut to his right arm.

CKF Backhand Slash bslash <target>

The wielder pivots in an attempt to make his opponent think he is about to attack somewhere else before slashing backwards with his dirk.

Maerodus says to you, "Well if you've been fighting for any length of time with the knife, especially in this style, you'd understand the value we knife-fighters place on a good slash."
Maerodus asks, "But what do you do after that slash?"
Maerodus exclaims, "Slash again, of course!"
Maerodus asks, "But why waste the movement of returning your knife to the starting position when you can throw in another cut on the way back?"
Maerodus says, "That is the principle behind backhand slash."

When you see this in use you see:
Vitrus steps forward with his rear foot, bringing his retalq dagger back across a thug in a heavy backhanded slash. A thug suffers a cut to his right thigh.

CKF Quick Draw (automatic)

A wise scholar once said of Cinera, "Not a nation, but a battlefield," the night before he had his throat slit. In a land filled with constant strife, it pays to know how to pull your blade quickly. This skill allows you, while in a defensive or wary pose, to withdraw and wield a small blade from a knife sheath immediately upon being attacked, giving you a chance to block the attack.

Maerodus nods.
Maerodus says to you, "Unfortunately, Ereal didn't grace us with long claws, so sometimes we do have to leave our hands free of knife."
Maerodus says, "Training in quick draw will help counter that disadvantage somewhat. Of course, it is only one step added to your existing defenses, so if you're more focused on your enemies' openings than your own you'll completely forget about this training."
Maerodus says, "This is where a backup weapon comes in handy, as you'll have to keep that sheath outside any rain cloaks to get at it quickly enough."

CKF Markad Slash mslash <target>

Creating the opportunity to strike twice, first with an open hand than with your dirk makes you a master of effective CKF fighting. The wielder pivots on his feet to strike with a distracting punch than attempts a deadly slash at the opening the wielder just created. Knowledge of Brawling Punch offers a bonus to this skill. Every 10 ranks in Brawling Punch grants +2 bonus to hit. It does not increase damage. Caps at 100 ranks in Brawling Punch (+20).

Maerodus chuckles.
Maerodus says to you, "Spending any amount of time in Markad will tell you that an empty hand is just as dangerous as one carrying a knife."
Maerodus says, "This attack is a perfect example. You distract your target with the free hand, then hit the fool with a good punch, and then round it off with a nice, heavy slash."
Maerodus says, "Of course, anyone skilled with fist fighting is going to fare better at it."

When you see this in use you see:
Vitrus pivots slightly, sending a quick punch at a thug. He then quickly draws the blade of a retalq dagger back across her in a dangerous slash. She suffers a bruise to her left thigh. She suffers a cut to her chest.

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