Cinerans Assault The City Of Monlon


September 12, 2004 - Battle of Monlon - c. 233YP
(Taken from TEC Underground News Archives)

Monlon has seen much action in recent years. For a long stretch of time, the numbers and sheer ferocity of the Cineran troops terrorized the nearby fronts, making it a death trap for all but the most skilled of Iridine's warrior residents. A shadow of doom spread over the Holy City for some time, slowly making itself known. Then suddenly, the silent eye of the storm passed, and once more, Cineran Warlords pressed their might directly upon the city. Most of the northern district was immediately sacked and pillaged, though a desperate stand by citizens within the city managed to hold off the horde at the city's center. Unfortunately, campaigning Sordo Calsuan and several of his troops were trapped some distance north of the city, without help. Similarily, the ferry leading to and from Monlon had been destroyed, preventing those inside Monlon to seek further reinforcements.

Oddly enough, aid came in the form of several Aestivan troops, after their leader, General Narisse, declared a rescindment of their alliance to the Cineran cause, allowing a small number of her Hoplite troops to take up arms against their former allies in Monlon. The pious people of Aestiva could not tolorate seeing Ereal's Holy City ravaged and desecrated.

Together, these forces managed to hold their own, but it was obvious that they were hard-pressed. A large cart was prepared, disguised as a common trade caravan, wherein hid fresh troops and new supplies. Once in Monlon, they were able to add to the defensive effort. Slowly but surely, the Cinerans were pushed back to the traditional barricades that seperated battlefield from city.

That did not stop the horde, though. Even after losing Warlord Juxta and the former legio pallisade to the Iridinian defenders, they sent one last desperate attack against the city that lasted several hours. At the same time, Sordo's forces could be seen to the north, fighting for their very survival. Through a stroke of luck (or perhaps favor of the sun god), Calsuan was able to receive reinforcements from the Grey Swans. With that extra help, he was able to break free of the Cinerans oppressing him and his troups. At the same time, the Monlon defenders (led by then-Tribune Adipus Vestrunius) held off the pressing forces long enough for Sordo to bear down upon the Cinerans in a crushing victory.

The Holy City is now again under full Iridinian control. There are talks with the Aestivans, and mention of them visiting the city soon, in the hopes of improving relations. Sordo Calsuan, in honor of his leadership and victories, had the honorable name of Cinius added to his own. Now that Monlon has been appointed an Assistant Governor (Talius Noraetis) to help Governor Flavius rebuild the Republic's most hallowed of cities, things look very promising, now that the shadow of war has passed by the Holy City, sparing her.

Here is a list of everyone involved in Monlon's defense (in alphabetical order):

Adipus Vestrunius, Aestas, Ailell, Aisly, Andrewius, Ansgar, Apartius, Cendarin, Cipriana, Corvous, Dackel, Dalos, Darakna, Durus, Dyrocles, Guiles, Haxamus, Ilione, Kalis, Karagoth, Kerck, Kered, Kelles, Kordoyn, Lanae, Lanciuss, Ligustinius, Luminae, Maitland, Maseyek, Modius, Natara, Nyphistra, Othento, Pacolypse, Questrius, Ruine, Saben, Seracen, Stefin, Takius, Telorc, Timithius, Tullum, Ultimatius, Witinger.

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