Comitia Centuriata

This Assembly must be called by a magistrate wielding Imperium and meets on the Field of War (Campus Martius?) to vote. This Assembly decides matters of war, elects magistrates to higher offices, and is the assembly to appeal to in cases when the death penalty has been imposed. It is comprised of all classes, including the Head Count, and is divided into centuries. It is an assembly whose tradition harkens back to the days in Iridine's history when land owning citizens would vote based on their military roles as their wealth afforded them. Each Century has one vote and each century votes on the bill internally, the winning group then issuing a yay or nay on behalf of the entire century. The division is heavily weighted towards the upper echelons of society. However, if a tie among the centuries occurs, the final vote falls to the Head Count which makes them extremely influential at that moment.

First Class - 80 Centuries
Second, Third, Fourth Class - 20 Centuries Each (Total 60).
Fifth Class - 30 Centuries
Head Count - 1 Century

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