The City of Iridine is a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and social backgrounds that, while contributing to its strength, can boil over into a wide range of civil problems. In order to enforce the laws of the Republic and the City, the Constables were created and tasked with patrolling the streets. The constables are also responsible for the issuing and serving of warrants, evidence collection, trial prosecution, and, in times of get distress, defense of the city. These law enforcers are easily identified by their round bronze medallions and slate blue cloaks and can be sought out by any citizen or foreigner in need of assistance. Recruitment drives are held on occasion and those without a history of criminal activities are encouraged to apply.


In order to ensure efficiency and maintain the ability to serve the numerous communities spread throughout the city, this force has been broken down into a number of separate stations, the most notable being Station's One and Two. Each Station is manned by officers (official ranks Officer I and Officer II) who are tasked with patrols, investigations, evidence gathering, and hearing any number of grievances. These men and women are led by two Sergeants, a Lieutenant, and finally a Captain.

Station One

Captain: Nerwintok Glasht
Area of Operations: The Forum and neighborhoods immediately bordering and some points beyond the walls.

Station Two

Captain: Juggalos (MIA)/Vacant
Area of Operations: The Steps.

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