Creatures Of Midlight

The Creatures of Midlight:

Angry gull: You see a large dirty seagull. Its feathers are filthy and it reeks of rotten fish and garbage. It gives you a menacing glance.

Fluvitur pup: You look at a small mammal that looks like a cross between a rat and an aquatic puppy. The pup has soft brown fur and highly-muscled hind legs. The fluvitur pup hisses and drools.

Saltwater snapper: You see a thick-shelled turtle about five feet in length. Its skin is a dark ebony-green hue and its shell a mixture of brown and red scales. You notice the maw of the creature to be particularly sharp and jagged stained crimson by a meaty diet.

Rock crab: You look down at a small, brown crab. It has a fairly soft carapace and big, serrated claws. It looks at you with eyes that sit up on little stalks.

Fluvitur: You look upon a enormous rodent which stands low to the ground. It is covered with coarse brown fur. You note that it has highly muscled hind legs, contrasted by puny forelegs. The fluvitur has no tail and a thick membrane covers its eyes. It has canine-like jaws and teeth.

Osecar: You stare at a small wild-eyed animal which is about a foot and a half tall and is covered with striped brown fur. Its long thick-looking teeth powerful front legs and heavy claws mark it as a natural digger. It has a bloated tail which it can rest on and sit upright. It seems to be remarkably agile.

Large brown rat: You see a grimy specimen of city vermin. The rodent has a long hairless tail as well as a pronounced snout and large front teeth. It is covered all over with matted brown fur.

Sewer rodent: You see a brown rodent, its fur slick with slime and sewer waste. It is roughly the size of a grown man's forearm, with a tail about one and a half times as long. Under its elongated snout, you see a set of sharp carnivore teeth. It reeks of waste and rotting flesh.

Small alligator: This scaly creature is about three feet long with mottled greenish-brown skin and cold black eyes.

Massive arachnid: The arachnid is simply enormous measuring in at about four feet tall. Its eight long legs are covered in bands of black and white hair each of which terminate in a splayed trio of feet.

Quivering sticky brown ooze: Your eyes fall upon a mass of brown ooze. The brown outer layer seems to cover a grey center. It has no limbs or sensory organs that you can detect. Nevertheless, this particular mass of ooze is quite animated. You think it is growing some form of pseudopod.

Large solitary wasp: You sight a big wasp which has a ragged fur coat along its abdomen. It is brownish green in color and has numerous streaks of black. It has a double pair of long transluscent wings, a sharp stinger and multi-faceted eyes. It emits a loud buzzing sound.

Sea snake: Before you is a huge serpent that must be twelve feet long. Its sides are damp with seawater and ripple with heavy muscles. Two foot-long fangs dominate its facial features.

Large bat: You sight a large bat with coarse brown-black fur and a wing span of two feet.

Cliff crab: This crab is an enormous example of saltwater crustacean. It walks low to the ground on six legs and has two large claws. It is heavily protected by a thick brown carapace.

Massive subterranean serpent: Two dimly glowing jacinth eyes look back at you from this massive, slithering mass of scales. This serpent has grown to be as long as twice the height of a man, and has the width of a tree trunk. A bright red forked tongue hisses out of its triangular head, and its thick black scales seem to absorb more light than they reflect.

Massive crab with a crimson shell: This enormous crustacean has a bright crimson shell five feet in width. Two eye stalks protrude from it and rise at least several feet into the air. It has two large jagged claws.

Eyeless humanoid form: You see a tall, grey-skinned humanoid form standing before you.Where its eyes should be are shredded, ruined sockets, bloodless and empty. Its body is elongated and gaunt, with prominent bones.

Puddle of quivering black slime: Your eyes fall upon a mass of grey ooze. Pulsing black vein-like streaks marble throughout the quivering mass. It has no limbs or sensory organs that you can detect. Nevertheless, this particular mass of ooze is quite animated. You think it is growing some form of pseudopod.

Shadowy eyeless humanoid form: You see a slender, shadowy humanoid form standing before you. Its angular face is barren of feature and undistinguished, except for the empty sockets where its eyes should be. Its body seems to be made of solid shadow. It is wearing a tattered robe with stains of inky black ichor and an ancient iron anklet inset with small tourmalated amethysts.

Grotesque spider:

Sickly yellow rat: Before you is a sickly yellow rat with tiny little black eyes and a thick white tail about as long as its body. Missing patches of fur expose bits of dark gray flaking skin.

Plump brown rat: Before you is a plump brown rat with tiny little black eyes and a thick white tail about as long as its body. Missing patches of fur expose bits of dark gray flaking skin.

Pale white rat with crimson splotches: You see a gaunt white rat with occasional splotches of ruddy color over its body. Although the rat is small compared to its other rubbish-dwelling cousins its eyes are enormous giving it a somewhat comical look.

Gaunt grey rat: Before you is a gaunt grey rat with tiny little black eyes and a thick white tail about as long as its body. Missing patches of fur expose bits of dark white flaking skin.

Mottled wiry rat: You see a thin ugly creature with a long snarling frothing snout covered in warts. Bare splotches on its fur are covered with small teaming bugs.

Mangy looking rat: You see a mangy rodent with splotchy fur and flea-bitten ears and a long tail. Its red beady eyes gleam with hunger.

Leech snake: You spy a long thin snake. The snake has black scales with crimson splotches and black eyes. Its movements are very quick.

Carrion beetle: You look down at a narrow beetle that is about the size of a small dog. Its legs are very short which makes it walk close to the ground. The beetle is dark brown in color has large green eyes and small mandibles. Its carapace doesn't seem to be very thick.

Diabolus ardentis:

Carrion snake: You gaze at a grotesque sight. This slug-like serpentine creature must be at least twenty feet in length. It is protected with reptilian dark gray scales has slitted yellow eyes and lethal-looking fangs. The snake reeks of the stench of carrion.

Scythe bug: Your eyes take in a monstrous narrow insect with faceted orange eyes. A reddish heavy carapace covered most of its body. This bug's front legs are heavily developed and covered with razor-sharp carapace edges. Conversely its mandibles are fairly small. The fact that it attacks with its front legs makes it look somewhat crablike.

Statorus: This small brown-skinned aquatic creature bears some resemblance to a large frog though its limbs are stunted. It possesses a pair of relatively large fins and large eyes that protrude from the top of its head. The creature stares forward with its mouth half-open revealing two rows of large teeth.

Pungopiscor: You see what would have normally been an ordinary scorpion if it were not the size of a small cow. It has a reddish-black shell that bears a moist slimy sheen. Irregular clusters of marble-sized glassy black eyes are placed above a delicate-looking mouth. The creature appears to have six pairs of limbs. The first two are small and placed beside the insect's maw. The second two are a powerful set of snapping claws. The third fourth and fifth pairs are skeletal legs that end in broad almost weblike feet. The final pair of limbs are harpoon-like stingers that arch over the top of the beast. It skitters about in a drunken fashion.

Chauliodus sloani: You see a four-legged creature with a long slender body. It is almost six feet in length covered with dark bluish-green scales that shimmer with light. Its fish-like head bears a pair of milky white eyes atop a wide maw. The lower jaw extends farther than the upper jaw with sharp fangs that protrude upwards. A ridge follows its spinal column as it winds down its back and long tail. Its mouth opens to reveal a long slimy tongue.

Dirt snake: This long and sinous snake has a triangular head and mottled-brown scales. Its pair of amber-colored eyes seem to glimmer in the slightest light.

Molerat: You catch sight of what can only be described as a large, hairless rat with long, sharp claws and a large set of front teeth. Its defunct eyes gaze out blindly, set in wrinkled and pale skin.

Alley dog: This ragged-looking dog seems to have been crossed between several undeterminable breeds. Almost as tall as a man's hips, it has a wide frame and is covered with splotchy black fur. Its neck and legs are wrapped with thick muscles. Its lips curl back into a snarl that bares sets of large, yellowish teeth.

Gaunt rat with vacant eyes: This small rat is lean and is missing small patches of fur. It bears milky-white eyes that stare vacantly from its small rodent face.

Shield bee: You see see a foot-long bee with an unusually large wingspan. It has a furry coat of crimson striped with black. The bee's most prominent features are its mandibles. The sharpened carapace is about the length of its entire body and double-jointed.

Nest turtle: You see a long flat turtle with green scales and yellow tinted eyes. Its shell bulges several feet above it in a grotesque array of wax-like holes and orifices. The maw of this creature features sharp carnivorous teeth. At the opposite end it bears a long muscular tail. The tail supports a knobby bone structure with a sharp spike.

Blischa'ag: This rat-sized insect is covered in a grey and beige mottled carapace almost indistinguishable from a common rock until it moves. Three boney legs jut from either side of its round body giving it a scuttling sideways movement not unlike a crab. A double pair of mandibles jutting from the front of its head rattle together loudly.

Schtraffeg: You see a stout reptile with a rounded body roughly the size of a small bed. It has four stubby legs leading to flat feet each endowed with four large black claws. The brown scaly skin which covers its surface appears to be thick and robust extending the full length of the long tail and forming a club the size of a melon at the end.

Wolf: The large grey wolf stands stock-still and stares ar you with an intent gaze.

Plump white goose: This plump waterfowl has pristine white feathers. It has an orange bill and beady little black eyes. A plump white goose is fluttering around.

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