Criminal Acts

VI. Criminal Acts

  Private Crimes
                Petty Theft
                  Theft of personal property valuing under 250 denars
                  Theft of personal property valuing more than 250 denars
                Damage of Private Property
                  Intentional vandalism, defacement, or damage in excess of
                  a value of 100 denars.
                  Intentionally defrauding someone of money, property, or
                  reputation by cheating, mis-representation or other 
                  scurrilous means.
                  The faking of another's signature, mark or other physical
                  Pretending, by any means, to be someone else. Harm to said
                  person's reputation compounds the crime.
           Personal Harm
                Minor Assault
                  Physical harrassment, physical abuse, minor bodily harm.
                Major Assault
                  Grievous physical harm, incapacitation.                  
                Kidnapping and Confinement
                  Unlawful physical detention of unwilling party
                Murder of a non-citizen
                Manslaughter of humiliore

        Public Crimes
                Theft of Public Property
                Defacement or Destruction of Public Property
                Tax Evasion
                Premeditated murder of humiliore
                Murder of a citizen by a non-citizen
                Impersonation of a Magistrate or Officer of the Army
                Assault of a Magistrate
                Murder of Honestiore
                Murder of a Magistrate or Officer of the Army
                Use of Outlawed Magics

The Twelve Tables of Iridine Law
I. Census and Citizenship
II. Taxes and Civic Finance
III. Assemblies and Legislation
IV. Military Service
V. Justice and Courts
VI. Criminal Acts
VII. Magistracies
VIII. Marriage, Inheritance and Funerals
IX. Commerce
X. Debt
XI. Punishment
XII. Building and Civic Maintenance

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