The Cult of Ereal



The religion or cult of Ereal is the official state religion of Iridine. The priests of the order work for the common good of all their fellow man, offering healing, guidance, and support where needed. They believe that they are the chosen to serve Ereal and as such follow their leaders in a strict

Service to Ereal in any of his forms is perceived as the ultimate goal all should strive for in this lifetime. Believing true enlightenment can only be found in the orders, all sects maintain a constant search and recruitment of new acolytes. According to the laws of the cult, women may hold positions of power in the priesthood. In theory, a woman could even become High Priestess of Ereal.

The Allende Family are patron to the Cult of Ereal.


Cult of Ereal
High Priest Tharius
High Priest’s Proxy
Darie Allende
Sword of Ereal
Junia Gracious
(Tharius’) Chief of Spies The Council of Elders
i. Titus Ahala
ii. Albius Anande
iii. Drusus Rustius – Heart of Ereal ( Nurturing Light )
iv. Jarin Seneda – Eye of Ereal ( Revealing Light )
v. Sartor Mithus
vi. Spurius Ravilla
vii. Bernard Tubero – Hand of Ereal ( Bright Hope )
i. Fist of Ereal
ii. Firm of Ereal
iii. Shield of Ereal

#High Priest

The cult of Ereal is led by a High Priest who must be elected by unanimous decision by a Council of Elders. Once elected, the High Priest receives full powers and is expected to maintain his seat until his death or until he deems it is time to retire. There are provisions for the removal of a High Priest by an extraordinary session of the cult where a three-quarters vote is needed to oust the leader.

Tharius Allende is the current High Priest of Ereal.

#High Priest’s Proxy

Second to the High Priest is the High Priest's Proxy, named by the former, his task is to serve as a liason to the Iridine Senate and oversee the cult's political efforts and maneuverings. Having the status of a senator (indeed the Proxy often is an ex-senator), the Proxy has the task of being Ereal's voice in the Senate.

Darius Allende is the High Priest's Proxy and brother to Tharius.

Council of Elders

The Council of Elders is composed of the heads of each sect plus up to four other members named by the High Priest or voted in by the current Council members. As the name suggests they are often the senior-most members of the cult and also those thought to have Ereal's greatest favor. In the absence of a High Priest, the Council assume supreme authority. Along with the High Priest, this is the only organization that has the power to order a dictator during times of crisis.

The Council of Elders Members:

  1. Titus Ahala - Member of the Sect of the Bright Hope.
  2. Albius Anande - Member of the Sect of the Revealing Light.
  3. Drusus Rustius - Leader of the Sect of the Nuturing Light.
  4. Jarin Seneda - Unofficial head of the Council of Elders & Leader of the Sect of the Revealing Light.
  5. Sartor Mithus - Member of the Sect of the Bright Hope.
  6. Spurius Ravilla - Member of the Sect of the Revealing Light.
  7. Bernard Tubero - Leader of the Sect of the Bright Hope.


At first, a single uniform body, the Cult of Ereal soon divided to form three separate sects. Each sect was supposed to represent a different facet of the God.

Each sect is composed of several levels of hierarchy, the highest ranking priest of that sect being the one to represent them on the Council of Elders. The highest ranking priest of each sect sits on the Council of Elders and takes orders directly from the High Priest.

While rank titles may differ across sects, their structures remain very similar.

Temple Hierarchy
Sect Name: Revealing Light Nurturing Light Bright Hope
Highest Ranking Priest:
(Reports to Council of Elders)
Eye of Ereal Heart of Ereal Hand of Ereal
Oversees ~5 Temples:
(Reports to rank directly above)
Glass Mist Gentle
Head of 1 Temple:
(Reports to rank directly above)
Revealer Druid Glimmer
Temple Department:
(Reports to rank directly above)
Shepherd Guide Comforter*
Universal Rank
(Reports to rank directly above)

#The Nurturing Light

The sect of the Nurturing Light represents Ereal of the Evening. To them, Ereal is a strong, steady light which is the ultimate source of all light within the world. They value gentleness, peace and harmony above all else. Their most active members are often seen as negotiators trying to maintain peace in troubled areas. Others of the sect work tirelessly among the poor, offering them what little hope they can. Their voices are often the more discreet but also the most soothing.

#The Revealing Light

Ereal of the Noon finds his incarnation in the sect of the Revealing Light. They have taken as their charter the duties of divining and auguries in an attempt to guide mankind out of the darkness of its ignorance. Their priests often walk the streets in the guise of teachers, others have become counselors, others again librarians as they are all keepers of vast knowledge. Though they are periodically challenged in their claims to see signs in the world surrounding them, their altars are never empty and they are more often right than wrong.

#Bright Hope

The Sect of the Bright Hope (aka Sect of the Morning Light) is the most numerous and most revered among the population of Iridine, representing Ereal of the Morning. Its goal is healing and the physical well-being of all who come to their doors. They combine their healing talents with the special gifts Ereal has bestowed among some of them to heal the sick and wounded. Priests of the Bright Hope are welcomed everywhere in the Republic and are as common a sight in cities as on the Republic's dusty roads.

Universal Sect Hierarchy


Beneath the rank of Shephard, Guide & Comforter are the Foci. A Focus has no single responsibility. As the name suggests, they provide a focus for others. They will lead groups if several priests are needed to perform a spell, for example. Foci is a universal rank, regardless of sect.


All priests not assigned to any given temple are given the rank of Walker, regardless of their Sect. They are guided by the Pool, Seed & Gather.

'Brother'/'Sister' is the general term for priests with no affiliation or title. It is also appropriate to use between friends.


Acolytes are members of the different sects who have not yet qualified to become a full priest/ess.

Acolyte ranks

  1. Apprentice (highest ranking before Shepherd/Guide/Comforter)
  2. Novice
  3. Initiate-Elect
  4. Initiate

The Heart Stone in Monlon is the place of ceremony from 'Initiate-Elect' to 'Novice'. It will either accept or reject the acolyte. If accepted, the Novice starts the prerequisites for learning magic.

The Apprentice works more closely with a priest and performs ceremonies. The Apprentice also learns basic spells before becoming a priest/ess.

A recent discourse of the High Priest Tharius Allende made clear that the basics of magic is now taught to the Initiates.

Any active members of the Cult may request to retrieve donated stones from the ward attendants to assist in performing magic rituals.

Soldiers of Ereal

While the Soldiers of Ereal are not part of the direct Cult hierarchy, they do operate in accordance with the wishes of the Cult of Ereal and the Senate. The SoE and Cult proper do not answer to each other on any matters, but the SoE tend to defer to Cult leadership when circumstances call for it.

Others of Note Within the Cult


The Cult of Ereal regards the vows of marriage to be a sacred event, undertaken under the watchful gaze of Ereal and in His Light. The Cult, however, has limited resources to officiate at weddings and does not consider it necessary to validate one's commitment to Ereal.

The vows, then, are intensely personal, and while the Cult is pleased to celebrate the vow-making between two people who are able to afford its mandatory donations, no such spiritual requirement exists. The Cult will gladly accept a couple's word that their vows have been made before Ereal, and that His Joy fills their union.

The Cult is willing to celebrate the ceremony of marriage at any point, whether it be immediately upon the taking of vows or after fifteen years of matrimony. The celebration is just that—a festive event that can recognize either the joy of new happiness or an old love still thriving.

The religious obligations are not the same as social obligations. To an upper-class family, a wedding ceremony without the Cult's blessing would be unheard of, a genuine scandal. No well-born person, whether a patrician or merchant, would dream of some common vows being exchanged in private.

Please note that as easy as this circumstance may seem to be entered in upon, it is not lightly broken. The Cult must sanction the sundering of the marital chains, and only if good cause is presented.


Ereal's priests are well-known for a variety of week and two-week long festivals held throughout the year celebrating different aspects of the God and to the passing of seasons.

They are the Festival for Ereal of the Morning which begins at the start of spring, the Festival for Ereal the Conqueror which begins at the start of summer, the Festival for Ereal of the Evening which begins at the start of autumn and the Festival for Ereal the Wanderer which begins at the start of winter.


Palilia is a Festival for Ereal of the Morning. Festival honoring the founding of the city of Iridine. As the advent of the city coincided with a rebirth of the land and the people, this celebration is held in spring in between the months of Rindak and Ereal. The festival lasts two weeks and culminates with a great theatrical performance re-enacting the myth of creation.

The Festival of Palilia kicks spring off honouring the founding of Iridine. A time of rebirth and growth. It falls between the months of Rindak and Ereal. This festival last for two weeks. The months of Ereal, Scran, and Tulcas are filled with fresh growth and cool crisp months and rain.

Palilia represents Compassion & Hope.


Armilustrium is a Festival for Ereal the Conqueror. In the hot days of summer this celebration has for its purpose the purification of weapons for the legions and the demands for blessings and protection against death. It is a week-long affair between the months of Tulcas and Aera. This is also a traditional time for Iridine military leaders to embark upon campaigns.

Armilistrum signifies the beginning of summer. It falls between the months of Tulcas and Aera lasting for one week. Historically it has been the time when military leaders have chosen to begin a war campaign. The summer seems to go by too fast. Being on two months long, it encompasses the months of Aera and Palut.

Armilistrum represents Noon-Sun, War & Vengeance.


Lupercalia is a Festival for Ereal of the Evening. One week after the month of Palut. Feast of the harvest and abundance where the soil is blessed and the territory of the Republic of Iridine is ritually purified. A birth during this week is perceived as a very good omen and proof that Ereal is smiling on the parents.

The Lupercalia festival is a time of thanks for a bountiful harvest. It is often considered a good omen to have a birth during the festival. The fall months are oft filled with rain and cooler climates. Leaves begin to fall and the air begins to chill. Autumn includes the months of Invex, Jemros, Allinius.

Lupercalia represents Harvest & Abundance.


Feralia is a Festival for Ereal the Wanderer. Traditionally this festival falls on the coldest week of the year. Legend and popular belief state that the dead walk freely at this period of the year and can interact with the living. This week-long celebration between the months of Allinius and Lucifal, has for purpose to appease the souls of the dead so that they won't harm those who are still living. A certain prayer is started on the first day by the priest of Ereal and lasts for the duration of the week.

Feralia typically is the coldest week of the year. It is said that the dead may walk freely during this week if you're so inclined to believe in madness. Luckily, winter comes and goes fast being only the months of Lucifal and Rindak.

Lupercalia represents Night & prayer for His return.

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