Palilia, Festival for Ereal of the Morning

Festival honoring the founding of the city of Iridine. As the advent of the city coincided with a rebirth of the land and the people, this celebration is held in spring in between the months of Rindak and Ereal. The festival lasts two weeks and culminates with a great theatrical performance re-enacting the myth of creation.

Armilustrium, Festival for Ereal the Conqueror

In the hot days of summer this celebration has for its purpose the purification of weapons for the legions and the demands for blessings and protection against death. It is a week-long affair between the months of Tulcas and Aera. This is also a traditional time for Iridine military leaders to embark upon campaigns.

Lupercalia, Festival for Ereal of the Evening

One week after the month of Palut. Feast of the harvest and abundance where the soil is blessed and the territory of the Republic of Iridine is ritually purified. A birth during this week is perceived as a very good omen and proof that Ereal is smiling on the parents.

Feralia, Festival for Ereal the Wanderer

Traditionaly this festival falls on the coldest week of the year. Legend and popular belief state that the dead walk freely at this period of the year and can interact with the living. This week-long celebration between the months of Allinius and Lucifal, has for purpose to appease the souls of the dead so that they won't harm those who are still living. A certain prayer is started on the first day by the priest of Ereal and lasts for the duration of the week.

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