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Gardens and Hospice

A. Well of the Comitia
B. Constables’ Headquarters
C. Library of Iridine
D. Seneda’s Bank
1. Property office: Elus
2. Copyist: Codrio
3. Forum message office: A stout clerk
4. Forum courthouse
5. Shrine of the Hearth
6. Well of the Comitia
7. Curia
8. Office of the Steward of Records
9. Lottery: A lottery clerk
10. Seneda’s Bank: An old bank clerk
11. Constable’s headquarters
12. Jail
13. Jewelry repair: Effitil
14. Plants: Vicalie
15. Jeweler: Mondan
16. Ceramics: Ogulnia
17. Amulets: Ruggieri
18. Library: An elderly attendant (at desk)
19. Sculptor: Pietus
20. Toys: Innocent
21. Diamond Eye
22. Worship items: Pia Antonius
23. Fountain
24. Kitchen, Anlea’s Rest: Antonius
25. Anlea’s Rest: Kovit, Battulus, Magus

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