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A Brief History of Franlius

One-time stronghold of a powerful southern Cineran warlord, Franlius was razed by the famous Iridine Consul Hadrios Calsuan. What's left is no more than a border town and military fort on the edge of tension. Much of the population is somewhat transient, people who recently walked away from their harsh Cineran lives and came to find better ones in the Republic.

Iridine's wars have a history of plaguing this place. In 100-109YP War Against Amerton at Franlius: The Senate received word that the powerful Southern Cineran Warlord Amerton I at Franlius was planning to escalate incursions into Iridine into an actual war. Moving swiftly, the legions worked in concert to lay siege to Franlius. Legio II maintained the siege while Legio I, led by Consul Altaran Calsuan, prevented reinforcements and supplies from reaching the beleaguered stronghold. The residents, driven by hunger and plague, finally opened the gates to the Iridine legions. Franlius was razed and its population sent to Cinera, causing an outbreak of plague in that land.

More recently, Iridine has been fighting a growing border war around this town led by both Legios I and II. Hardy soldiers can always be found marching to the Harbor of the Moons on their way to the Field of Franlius.

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A Map of Franlius


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Release Post from the TEC Forums - Originally Posted by GM Tale


Help The War Effort

The Cinerans are invading. They control the city north of the river, but Iridine's illustrious Legion has them boxed in. Past the bridge, soldiers will let you know if they've got a section covered and direct you elsewhere [tiered areas are loosely restricted by rank, so that your skills are put to use where they are needed, and no one is a one-man killing-machine at lower level tiers]. The soldiers restricting access to certain areas have been removed, but the penalties have not.

Every enemy soldier has a rank in their army, and it's proudly displayed on their left arm with a signifying armband. Take it from them as proof of your victory! [turn them into a local NPC for credit to gain reputation].

The Refugee Camp has a steady stream of the poor, the worn-torn, and the down-trodden from the destroyed and enemy occupied sections of the city. A tent with plenty of cots for resting, a campfire, etc. A local blacksmith has set up in a shack nearby to repair shields, doing his part to help the war effort, and using the profits to help the needy. A leader of the refugee community repurposed a nearby warehouse to collect donations for the refugees and distribute the items to those that need them. Meat and foraged roots for a harty nightly stew for the needy, clean, freshly-made clothing, and simple weapons a forester might craft to help keep them safe and let them protect themselves. Donating needed things does not go unnoticed and would serve to bolster your reputation within the community.

Fama's Imports is a prominent shop, recently established. Hired by the brass of the Legion, Fama and her two assistants are doing a brisk business getting supplies you can't find elsewhere to those helping the war effort. You'll have to build a good reputation to be offered the opportunity to avail yourself of certain stock and services. [All the NPCs in that building will tell you about each-other if you ask about them by name, as well as keywords like 'Reputation' - from there, their dialogue points should be obvious].

The Situation

The northern part of the city is sectioned off into four quadrants where the Cinerans are pinned-down for the moment. The docks, on the far west side of the northwest corner is the worst. Word of mouth is that the best mercenaries that Cineran coin could buy are holding the dock to keep supply lines open, and everyone agrees that not even the best of what Iridine has to offer in terms of fighting men and women should venture there alone.

Reports that individuals going in to help fight sometimes don't come back. The Cinerans are taking prisoners of opportunity, and though a route into their territory has been found to rescue these POWs, not all have made it out in time. Everyone agrees that if you don't want to risk getting captures, you should always fight as a team and not take the risk (unless you know a locksmith that doesn't mind dangerous behind-enemy-lines missions to drag your broken body through a sewer full of venomous reptiles).

If you're unsure where you can be the most use, or want to get the lay of the land, you can speak to someone in Legion for directions, landmarks, or direct you to where the best use of your weapon might be.

The Breakdown

  • 6 new hunting grounds.
  • SP bonus goes up the more difficult the opponent. So fighting the hardest npcs you can handle nets you the most experience.
  • Some of the most advanced enemy AI in the game.
  • Unique loot not found elsewhere.
  • POW mechanics as well as a system in place to allow their rescue.
  • A functional and dynamic reputation system.
  • The ability to actively use the reputation gained.
  • The highest training teacher for Knives and Cineran Knife Fighting.
  • Functional Hospice with healing missions.
  • Working Pyre for the fallen.
  • Functional resting areas. Both for bathing and for sleeping.
  • A shrine of Ereal to pray for salvation.
  • Unique NPCs with dialogue explaining what each of them do.
  • A shop that sells (depending on your reputation) desirable stock you can't buy elsewhere IG.
  • The long-awaited return of weapon reforging.

The Cinerans started this bloody war. It's up to Iridinians to finish it.

Welcome to Franlius.

Franlius Reputation Guide

Reputation for Franlius can be developed in a number of ways and is used primarily to purchase special items from Fama's imports. Healing is likely the easiest and arguably fastest way to generate reputation, followed closely by combat. Locksmithing can only generate reputation very rarely. Tailoring and hunting are the slowest methods of generating reputation.

Combat Reputation

Each enemy combatant in Franlius, with the exception of the war hounds, carries an armband signifying their membership in the Cineran army. Collecting these armbands from the enemies you kill and turning them in to Pretium at Fama's Imports will get you reputation relative to the level of armband you acquired. The more difficult the tier you fight in, the higher your reputation reward will be for each armband. A rough estimation of the number of armbands from each tier required for max reputation is as follows: 750 for the docks, 1000 for the northwest tier, 1250 for the northeast tier, 1500 for the southwest tier, and 1750 for the southeast tier. Keep in mind that these are just observations and could very well change.

Healing Reputation

Healing the wounded soldiers of Iridine at the Franlius Hospice is an excellent way to earn Franlius reputation. Go into the ward north of Tullaria's healing station and wait for a wounded soldier to arrive. You can either ask the soldier what happened to him (say to soldier What happened to you?/say to soldier What's wrong?) or simply tend to him and diagnose his issues on your own. Most soldiers will arrive with bleeding wounds, arrows stuck in them, or broken limbs, so your healing skill needs to be fairly high to be successful here. Once you've tended to the soldier's wounds, let him know that he's healed and he'll head back to the front. If you have any issues with the voice commands, read the scroll provided by Legio Head Medic Dewlara to get a better idea of how to use the hospice.

Locksmithing Reputation

Locksmiths gain the most reputation possible for their part in Franlius, however, a locksmith can only gain reputation from their trade by rescuing people who have been captured by the Cinerans. This requires unlocking the entrance to the sewers, wading your way through the muck to the cells, unlocking the door to the cell to release the prisoner, then unlocking the gate to the strongbox so they can retrieve their gear, and finally unlocking the sewer entrance once more for a total of 4 locks to pick. It should be noted that the sewers are inhabited by the usual variety of snakes and rats.

Tailoring Reputation

Tailors can earn reputation in Franlius by turning in assorted clothing to Reliquum in the Refugee Camp northeast of the city. Reliquum will accept any tailor-crafted items, including blankets.

Hunting Reputation

While it is not possible to generate reputation while in Franlius by using hunting due to a lack of accessible wilderness, you can haul much needed items to Franlius and turn them into Reliquum at the Refugee Camp in the northeast section of the city. Reliquum will accept any hunter crafted weapons as well as any meat from your kills. It has been reported that this is the least efficient means of generating reputation, but your success may vary.

Reputation Rewards

The following items can be unlocked at Fama's Imports given enough reputation. The further down the list the item is, the higher your reputation must be to make it available for purchase. Once you purchase an item, your reputation will be reduced by the amount that it took to reveal the item. So if you have just revealed the final item and purchase it

Item Cost Tier 1 Armbands Tier 2 Armbands Tier 3 Armbands Tier 4 Armbands Tier 5 Armbands
A silk armband bearing the symbol of Iridine 1t 20d 3st 1s
A thin length of wire 79d 2s
A silver surgical needle 1t 812d 2st
A bronze trowel 1t 1208d 1st 1s
A dursc fishing pole 1t 1525d
A thick length of wire 158d 1st 1s
A pair of silver surgical scissors 2t 1189d 2st 1s 117 100 83 67 50
A gold-plated sewing needle 3t 418d 3st 126 108 90 72 54
A stocked healer's supply kit 1t 20d 3st 1s
A brass horn 4t 479d 2s
A pair of bronze armillus 4t 677d 1s 135 116 97 77 58
A gold-plated thimble 5t 104d 2s 155 133 111 89 67
A tiny lump of alanti 9t 1375d 187 160 133 107 80
A pair of gold-plated tailoring scissors 5t 1489d 2st 1s 210 180 150 120 90
A superior quality brightash short bow with gold inlay 10t 208d 1st 1s 233 200 183 147 110
A towering oval shield 20t 614d 2st 1s 257 220 183 147 110
A right-hand boison cestus 29t 208d 1st 1s 373 320 267 213 160
A left-hand boison cestus 29t 208d 1st 1s 373 320 267 213 160
A spiked boison mace 31t 1041d 2st 2s 560 480 400 320 240
A boison trident 36t 1145d 3st 1s 758 650 542 433 325
A voucher to have one weapon reforged by Ferrarius 31t 250d 852 730 608 487 365
A leather helmet with a buckled face covering 41t 1250d 926 794 662 529 397
A dull bronze helmet with a featureless faceplate 51t 1062d 2st 1073 920 767 613 460
A retalq-tipped spear 53t 272d 3st 2s 1225 1050 875 700 525
A retalq dagger 53t 352d 1s 1225 1050 875 700 525
A retalq gladius 59t 833d 1st 1s 1225 1050 875 700 525
A retalq axe 64t 937d 2st 1225 1050 875 700 525
A sooty black helmet with a faceplate 69t 1041d 2st 2s 1517 1300 1083 867 650
An iron helmet with a faceplate 74t 1145d 3st 1s 1913 1640 1367 1093 820
A lorica squamata 79t 1250d 2320 1988.8? 1657 1326 994

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Combat Tiers Overview

(Content Pending)

No matter what rank you are, you can now visit any of the sections you wish to fight in. Keep in mind that the penalties will still apply, however.

Tier I - Southeast Corner

This Tier is generally survivable if your character has graduated from Tier 2 of the Ludus and requires no additional help to defeat the slaves there. Some caution must be exercised at this level, however, as the Cinerans can gang up on your quickly and also call war hounds when in trouble. Knivers, Whippers, and Gladsmen are the common enemies all wielding basic low level weapons, leather armor, and minimally adept at using their skills.

Rank Threshold: 25% penalty at 1250 ranks, 50% penalty at 1500 ranks, 75% penalty at 1750 ranks, Cutoff at 2000 ranks

Tier II - Southwest Corner

Rank Threshold: 25% penalty at 2250 ranks, 50% penalty at 2500 ranks, 75% penalty at 2750 ranks, Cutoff at 3000 ranks

Tier III - Northeast Corner

Rank Threshold: 25% penalty at 3250 ranks, 50% penalty at 3500 ranks, 75% penalty at 3750 ranks, Cutoff at 4000 ranks

Tier IV - Northwest Corner

Rank Threshold: 25% penalty at 4250 ranks, 50% penalty at 4500 ranks, 75% penalty at 4750 ranks, Cutoff at 5000 ranks

Tier V - Docks

Rank Threshold: None

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Places of Franlius

Bernius' Repair Shop

#3 on the Map of Franlius

Located just south of the Refugee Camp, Bernius will repair your equipment in exchange for any bronze you salvage from the battlefield. He doesn't accept coin for repairs so that is your only option for paying for repairs. To donate something to him, simply offer it to him and tell him you wish to 'Donate it.' This will earn you some credit from his shop towards your next repair. If you offer something to him for repair, he will either proceed with the repair if you have donated enough items to cover the costs or tell you to donate more bronze.

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