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[Event: Caught Black-Handed]
[Event Posting:
[Time: 08/20/2019 9:30 PM EST]
[IG Time: 291st Year of the Republic, Morning on the 9th day of Lucifal]
GM Characters: Bufonius_NPC
Short Summary: A wagon was attacked not too far off of Seld on the road and Bufonius tracked down the aggressors. He was then captured and needed to be rescued from the Black Hand Bandits.

IC Summary:

[OOC Note: This event took place on the 20th of August 2019]

It was the morning of the 9th day of Lucifal in the 291st Year of the Republic and what we thought would be an uneventful day in Iridine quickly took a turn for the worse.

There was a boy, not quite old enough to be considered a man yet, who took it upon himself to defy and find the new hideout of the Black Hand Bandits. About half a year back with all of the work being done on the road to Seld, the Black Hand Bandits decided to leave their hideout. The constant traffic of workers and skilled bodyguards ruined several of their attempts at robbing traders and drovers who used to be easy prey.

On this particular morning, the bandits robbed and set ablaze a wagon on the road to Seld. This young boy named Bufonius managed to track them all the way out to their hideout and he ventured inside in an attempt to recuperate some of the stolen goods.

Very far off the north of the road to Seld, on a barren hillside before the forest, there is an old stone building that is in ruins. Only two walls remain standing, and even then, barely so. There is a collapsed section of stone wall that leads downwards which will then lead you to a newly replaced trapdoor.

Bufonius entered the area and then promptly asked for assistance as he was welcomed by the Black Hand Bandits. We made our way out there as soon as we could. Warmack and Reddex were the first to arrive and went deep inside the tunnels.

Another large group soon arrived and went inside, but it was already too late. Reddex was swarmed by the bandits and Warmack was unable to save him. Reddex soon after passed away and his corpse was brought back to the surface.

The large group managed to find and rescued Bufonius who was locked in the kennel. We then soon after learned that Bufonius wished to retrieve a ring that was of some value to him that the bandits had stolen earlier. The group managed to find said ring in a strongbox.

Bufonius headed back to Seld and claimed that those within the town would gladly accept any armbands found on the Black Hand Bandits once the town opens up for all.

The large group decided to go in and explore the series of tunnels deeper, hoping to find the leader of the Black Hand Bandits. It is then that a large hound separated the group and Lago ultimately met his demise. The group found the large, ferocious hound standing on top of Lago's chewed up lifeless body. They managed to take care of the matter and brought back the man to the surface. He had already passed and nothing could be done for his wounds.

Lago was best known for his generosity. He often helped those who were less fortunate by offering them weapons, armor and even coin. The Republic of Iridine has lost a great man on this day.

We made our way back to the city. Both Reddex and Lago were taken to the Temple of the Morning to be prepared by the acolytes for their upcoming funerals.

Faithful Servant of Ereal and Watchful Citizen,
Signed, Illun Vaerimus.

[Event: It's all Fluff]
[Time: 08/17/2019 9:00 PM EST]
[IG Time: 291st Year of the Republic, Daytime on the 5th day of the Festival of the Wanderer]
GM Characters: Ksaia_NPC, Salieste_NPC, Jeb_NPC (not present)
Short Summary: After missing for a very long time, Ksaia has come back to Iridine. She was kidnapped in the Steps and managed to leave with Jeb. They decided to go on an adventure throughout Iridine and Ksaia recently left Jeb and came back to the city proper to see her brother.

IC Summary:

[OOC Note: This event took place on the 17th of August 2019]

On the 5th day of the Festival of the Wanderer in the 291st Year of the Republic we finally received some news regarding the missing shopkeeper known as Ksaia whose shop is located in Bronze Lane. She was rumored to have been kidnapped by some of the local gangsters in the Steps a very long time ago and we had not heard any news regarding her until just now.

She met with her brother Salieste who had been searching for her ever since she had gone missing. Ksaia informed us that she had been kidnapped and was locked down in a rundown theater located in the Steps, more precisely in the Umbra Alati territory.

She claims that the kidnappers did not wish to let her go and worked her almost to death making her famous fluff candy, day and night, in a dreadful kitchen.

While she was detained, there was one particular man named Jeb who was very kind to her and she couldn't help but fall for him. Their love interest was mutual and Jeb had knowledge of some old tunnels that branched off in the theater's basement and led her out. They left together that night.

Ksaia said that she would have come back and informed her brother that she was safe and sound, but Jeb was concerned that Salieste would believe him to be one of the kidnappers and that things would turn sour. They both left together and adventured through the Republic of Iridine, making their way to Astraea and back.

When Salieste pressed her, saying that she should return to the shop and continue the family's business, Ksaia disagreed. She tasted adventure. As she so aptly said "There's a whole world out there to explore, and I want to be out in it."

After all, the axe shop wasn't her dream. It was her "grampa's". While she was gone, Salieste tried as he could to maintain the shop, but all of this time spent searching for his sister definitely took a toll on the family business.

She let us all know that she and Jeb had recently split. While he was good to her at first, it didn't last. He was born and raised in the Steps and had known only the life of a gangster.

Not too long after, a grey-clad armsman thought aloud "You have something that belongs to me." and we were then attacked by a large mob of rioters. Were these rioters specifically targeting Salieste's shop? Did Ksaia steal something that belonged to this man and he wanted it back? Or was it simply that the armsman wished to have Ksaia back, as her private cook?

We took care of the rioters. Ksaia even jumped in and kicked the living crap out of a few rioters. The problem was solved and we haven't heard anything regarding Ksaia and the Umbra Alati since, so we believe the matter is settled. Salieste's shop is once again open for business, but you will no longer find Ksaia's fluff candy for sale.

Faithful Servant of Ereal and Watchful Citizen, 
Signed, Illun Vaerimus.

[Event: Meeting with Darie Allende]
[Time: 06/18/2019 9:00 PM EST]
[IG Time: 291st Year of the Republic, Night on the 14th day of Scran]
GM characters: Amarian_NPC, DarieAllende_NPC
PC characters: Mortarian Santum, Jaelic, Elius, Prydain, Kyna, Ashstal, Methodios, Launrentinus, Illun, Torgeir, Aoden, Lingkius, Kelsier, Elowynn, Thesil, Lago, Ulath, Valoran

Short Summary: Amarian on behalf of Darie Allende (High Priest's Proxy to the Senate) assembled a small team to lead an excursion in dangerous territory to find long lost Temple relics.

IC Summary:

At night on the 14th day of Scran in the 291st Year of the Republic, Amarian, who is the First Guard and servant of Darie Allende (The High Priest's Proxy to the Senate), sought assistance from Iridine's residents to make his way to Blackvine. Torgeir led Amarian all the way to Vetallun and then some of the folks assembled there joined them on the road to Blackvine. Meanwhile, Darie Allende made a short appearance in Blackvine and discussed a few things with some who were assembled there before he retired for the night.

Upon reaching Blackvine, Amarian let us know that Darie Allende had some visions which involved a strange place and wondered if the residents of Iridine had come in contact with it before. The visions were of a place in the middle of the oak forest where stands a tall statue of a spider nearby a trapdoor leading into some old tunnels. Some of those assembled, namely Centurion Elowynn and House Santum's Guard Aoden, knew of this place. It is then that Amarian let us know that old relics that once belonged to the Temple may be found within the ruins.

Centurion Elowynn led a large group through the dangerous forest and we made our way to what some call the "Spider Temple" which was situated a long ways off to the east of Blackvine. While deciding the best plan of action nearby the statue, groups of spiders surged out of the trapdoor and immediately swarmed us. Some were of the leeching kind, and I, myself, was bitten and bleeding from three wounds in a matter of time. We took care of the dangerous spiders and then made our way through some narrow tunnels until we reached an area where a stone lay covering a sunburst sign, which when pressed, opened a hidden passage to a nearby room. In this room we found a gold-veined altar which likely belonged to the Temple of Ereal at one point or another.

After a little bit of time rummaging through the area we were caught by surprise by a monstrous spider, over twelve feet high, that tried to eat us alive. With Ereal's blessing, we were able to pull through largely unharmed, but the beast was unlike any those assembled had ever seen before. It was a truly terrifying sight. If not for Darie Allende's visions, Amarian would not have been able to find the next hidden passage which lead to multiple series of tunnels.

We made our way through and finally found what he had been searching for: an old statue of a woman wielding an ancient spear with a broad iron blade clutching a sunstone. The statue was also covered in interlocking bronze scaled armor which was also retrieved. As Amarian so aptly said, the sunstone blade was the relic of importance. Once it was obtained, we made our way out of the "Spider Temple" and I hope that we will never have to set foot again in this awful yet masterfully crafted hideout.

If you wish to learn more about this "Spider Temple", there is a tome which can be purchased from Floralie's shop at the Singing Informer detailing the last moments of the dying man who devised these ruins.

Faithful Servant of Ereal and Watchful Citizen,
Signed, Illun Vaerimus.

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