General Rules

The Eternal City Rules and Policies

  • The Eternal City is a game for mature role-players. Please make an effort to stay in character, even if you are not actively contributing to what is going on around you. Out-of-character (OOC) comments should be kept to a minimum and reserved to whispers. Please avoid out-of-character comments on any public 'channel' or in populated areas where others will hear them. The standard for making OOC comments is to whisper them and enclose them in brackets []. Keep in mind that some characters can hear whispers so even in whispers, please keep OOC comments to a bare minimum.
  • We ask that players keep profanity to a minimum. Although this is a game for mature role-players, gratuitous or excessive profanity detracts from other players' enjoyment of the game.
  • Violations of the game's OOC policies will result in warnings from the staff. Gamemasters may disable a character's think command at their discretion, with no warnings. There is also an automated system to monitor the think for certain OOC words or phrases.
  • The Eternal City allows for multiple characters per user. However, we ask that you keep each of the characters as separate as possible. Please don't share equipment or money, and most especially do not share in-character information between your characters. They should be distinct individuals. Any shared equipment or money will be confiscated. Multiple violations of this policy can result in your account being limited to one character.
  • Multiple Accounts in the same Household:Only one free account is allowed per household. You may own as many paid accounts as you wish, but only one account at a time (per person) may be logged in at any time. We understand that some households have multiple family members who play, but ONE player should never have more than one account logged in at once. In the case of multiple family members playing from the same household, any information passed between characters on the other accounts MUST be passed via IG means. The sharing of items between characters on accounts held by people in the same household should be kept to a minimum. If any abuses of these rules are found, the household itself may be limited to one account, period.
  • Use of the WHO command to see who is on-line is strictly an Out-Of-Character convenience, and should not be used for any In-Character purposes whatsoever. Iridine is a city of thousands of people and many people crowd the streets at various hours of the day. Doing so to the detriment of other characters or players is considered cheating.
  • Logging out to avoid a conflict or to avoid the consequences of your character's actions (e.g., your character is knocked unconscious during a battle, or your thief character has been spotted and is being chased by constables) is considered out-of-character and cheating. If you are caught doing this it will be up to the Gamemasters' discretion to move your character back in game to allow whatever your character slept to avoid to continue.
  • Please do not abuse bugs that you may find in The Eternal City. Players should use the @report command to notify the staff of bugs as soon as they are discovered. The abuse of bugs is considered cheating and unacceptable.
  • Please abide by the decisions and requests of The Eternal City's staff. If you have an issue with any decision or request made by the staff, please send a note to moc.emagyticlanrete|sc#moc.emagyticlanrete|sc explaining the situation and your position. Under no circumstances will verbal or other abuse of the game's staff be tolerated. Please make an attempt to resolve disagreements or issues constructively.
  • The world of The Eternal City is alive with many Non-Player-Characters who may note and remember your character's actions. Always expect that there will be in-game consequences or results to your character's in-game actions, good or bad.
  • We allow player-versus-player combat and conflict, including 'player-killing' under the following guidelines: 1) There must be a good in-character reason for doing so (if you aren't sure, ask a GM). This means that creating character simply for nuisance purposes, or to go on killing sprees is NOT allowed. 2) Attacking, stealing from, and killing newbies, in all cases, is not allowed. If you aren't sure if a character is a newbie or not, don't attack. The only exception to this is a constable subduing a newbie for a lawful arrest.
  • Scripting while away from the keyboard is not allowed. You must be at your keyboard at all times that your character is logged into the game. The staff will, at times, change the text for certain situations if someone is suspected of using triggers. You should be able to respond to evolving circumstances around your character. Scripters will get one warning before the character in question is removed from their account.
  • The use of any MUD clients other than the ones provided to you by the official web site is strictly forbidden. No support for issues related to use of such a client will be given by The Eternal City Staff. Log-in, log-out, connection issues, latency issues, or other odd behaviour as well as account loss resulting from use of unapproved clients is possible, common, and not the responsibility or concern of The Eternal City Staff.
  • Names, plots, and descriptions of characters or places in The Eternal City are copyright and property of ThreeSeas LLC and may not be used by anyone without the express written consent.
  • Submission policy: All player submissions (including, but not limited to, stories, descriptions, plot ideas, graphics, maps) become the sole property of ThreeSeas LLC.
  • Intolerance of others due to sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, physical appearance, birth defects, etc. will NOT be tolerated. If anyone is found guilty of harassing another player because of any of the above reasons, their account will immediately be closed. Hate speech, in any form, will NOT be tolerated. Bullying (outside of in character interactions) will NOT be tolerated.

The above rules and policies are enforced in conjunction with ThreeSea LLC's ToS. Multiple violations of any of these policies can result in suspension of your account.

Contacting the GM Staff

The GM (GameMaster) staff is comprised of individuals who code, build, and help the players and game itself thrive and be an entertaining and enriching experience. They have many jobs and quite a few are not well known or public knowledge. As such it can appear there is none around, when really they are just busy. As such there are many ways to contact the GM staff. Here are a few:


Syntax: proclaim <message> or proclaim emergency

This should be used in emergency situations ONLY or if a GM has contacted you first via PROCLAIM. If there is something currently affecting your gameplay or it’s an extremely time sensitive mater feel free to proclaim the word EMERGENCY and if a staff member is available they will respond to you.


Walk directly west from WA lobby until you hit the rope. Syntax: ring bell

If you have an important issue that requires real time GM attention, this is the option for you.


If you run across a bug but it is not restricting your gameplay, choose this option.


This is the option that should be your go-to for most situations. If you have a non-automated Role Point expenditure request, want to request a meeting with a GMNPC, feel the need to request a PK, want to request a special event for an org, or have a question that requires an answer, this is the option to choose. This allows the player and staff to keep a running dialog that is easily referenced if needed. Please keep in mind that RP expenditure request have a standard turn-around time of 30 days (though most get filled MUCH more quickly these days).


When you want to provide general feedback for game content, staff participation, events, etc. but do not expect a reply.


This should be used as a last resort. The staff email address is moc.emagyticlanrete|sc#moc.emagyticlanrete|sc

Contacting an SG

Storyguides are volunteers who job is specifically to guide the story of The Eternal City. If you need to contact them specifically, below are your options.


If you are working with a Story Guide during an event or are contacted by a Story Guide first, then this is your option.


If you’d like to leave a general comment for the SG staff (they really like hearing when you’ve enjoyed their events), then this is your option.

Contacting an Auxilii

Auxilii are volunteer players who have the ability to communicate with you OOC to answer questions about mechanic questions such as syntax and help out newer players.


Syntax: aux-chat <message>

If you have an OOC question about the game the Auxilii is there to help new and old players alike.

Contacting ThreeSeas LLC

Please send an e-mail to moc.emagyticlanrete|sc#moc.emagyticlanrete|sc for the following issues:

  • Questions concerning your Eternal City account.
  • Transmission of files containing important info that can be delivered no other way.
  • Concerns about the actions of a member of the GM staff.
  • Billing Issues
  • StoryPoint Issues
  • Connection Issues
  • Forum Issues
  • Additional concerns regarding Eternal City, or the Eternal City community as a whole.
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