Getting Started

Welcome to the Eternal City! Here you will find a starters guide for getting familiarized with the world of Midlight. This guide is meant to get you on your feet and familiar with the game world, basic mechanics, and role-play environment within The Eternal City. There are numerous in depth sources on the wiki, in the in game library, and elsewhere to aid you as you continue to progress in the game world.

Character Generator

All new characters are expected to create a name that is thematically accurate for the time period revolving around the early Roman Republic. Most players create Roman Sounding names but the various races are each interpreted as their own mix of Roman, Medieval, and Fantasy characteristics. Some sources for you to consider are:

The Character Generator in TEC is unique in the realm of MUDs. It does not follow a typical stat point and skill distribution list similar to models found in many D&D based environments, but attempts to create a character for you based on your roleplaying choices. For example, selecting an Altene Stavesman who was a loner, loved the wilderness, and was teased as a child, strong, muscular, and disciplined may grant you a character with excellent endurance, strength, but low empathy. Players typically go one of two routes. Either they try to maximize the character generator to fit the outcome, such as a trader or soldier, or they choose role playing options and, upon creation, decide how that character will fit into the gameworld. A Guide to Building a Combat Character, created by user Giant, is an excellent resource for seeing how this system works.

Newbie Quests

When your character completes the tutorial, they are plopped into the live game world with a codex of tips at the bench of Phaedra, your new character guide. She can answer some basic questions not covered in your tutorial or in your newbie codex. You will also have access to the Auxilia Channel, a channel for new characters seeking help in the game world. When in doubt and in need of assistance, use the player chat channel think net. This is an in-character channel, and to access it simply THINK <what you want to ask>. Your first task should be exploring your surroundings and getting to know the city. From Phaedra, go NORTH 1 Pace, then WEST 1 Pace to arrive at the Stone Toga Inn, a common meeting spot for players on the edge of the Harbor and Forum areas in the city. Here, if you wait a moment, your first newbie quest should appear.

Drovers and workers will stop by from time to time asking for help delivering items to trainers, shops, etc that act as good orientations to important spots in the game world. They will also offer pay when the job is done. These basic, introductory quests can help you find your way around. There are a number of activities you can find by visiting our Newbie Quests page that help build up coin for your character to buy armor, training, and clothing as well as get you around the world.

Points of Interest

The world of Midlight has thousands of rooms for you to venture into. All have unique descriptions, will interact in various ways be it spawning a creature or triggering an environmental detail such as wind waving trees. The world is vast, and can be dangerous, and as a new character you will want to familiarize yourself mainly with the city of Iridine before venturing further. An Iridine Map List is available for those wishing to use them. Otherwise, within the city itself there are a number of pre-marked points here can be accessed on your MARK list. Your character will walk to them automatically by typing WALK TO BANK for example, but the character must be on a main street in order to use them.

  • The Bank - Seneda's Bank is the place to put your valuable items and coins. READ SIGN upon entering to understand how to withdraw, deposit, etc or enter BANK when inside to access the banking menu. This bank can transfer coin between the others banks in the world.
  • The Stone Toga Inn - Focal point for many events, pints of ale, and lots of lore. This Inn also houses some of the most popular rooms available to rent in the city
  • The Colosseum - The grand arena where gladiators fight and shows are hosted for the benefit of the mob
  • The Constables Headquarters - If you have a question about crimes or need to inquire about something that was stolen, go here. This also hosts the city jail.
  • Bronze Lane and Square - Home to a number of armor and weapons shops, trainers, and the useful Ludus, or gladiator school.
  • The Hospice - The game world's healing center, where PC and NPC healers can fix you up. It also serves as the main training center for new healers to the city where NPC patients can be tended to.
  • The Bath House - A great place to recover from fatigue. SIT or LAY in the warm water of the Tepidarium to recover fatigue. Do the same in the cold baths to help wounds heal.
  • The Curia - Senate Chambers and seat of Iridine's government.
  • The Temple of Ereal - Grand Temple of the City. Here, citizens come to pray for guidance and acolytes come to train.
  • The Junk Dealer - Find a rotten wooden club? He'll buy it.


Getting involved in combat is as easy as walking up to a rat and trying to pet it. Of course, there's a bit more to it than that. Get acquainted with our combat system by reading out Combat Guide.

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