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Quartz Heights
Town of Franlius
Sewers and Sea Caves


1. Sail Maker: Laszo
2. Blacksmith: Phesius
3. The Gilded Gage: Septima
4. Merchant: Marcello
5. The Bosun's Larder:Terisius
6. Harbor courthouse
7. Salvage yard: Jovita
8. Short Oar Inn: Bentim, Atabus
9. Sailing Serpent Casino: Combi, Jolean, Tita, Loculp
10. Stationery: Breo
11. Master’s Choice: Lefty
12. Nautical supplies: Andronitus
13. Wine: Gnaarian
14. Fish: Polonia
15. Flophouse: Egidia
16. Golden Anchor: Marcellus
17. Clothing/tailor: Josephus
18. Cobbler: Claudette

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