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Basic Guide:

  • Learn the Application skill as soon as possible to have a complete 5-skill rotation. Purchase Sunburn Salve in the Steps to use with the Application skill.
  • Keep training Healing basics until you reach 30 ranks.
  • Learn Remove Stitches, Remove Splint, Splint Bone, Arrow-Pulling, Administer and Stitch Wound.
  • Train Stitch Wound to rank 20.
  • Train Healing basics to 50 ranks, or until you reach a 1 success in bandage wound, clean wound, remove bandages.
  • Train Stitch Wound to rank 40.
  • Learn Healing Basics to rank 100.
  • Learn Set Bone train to rank 10.
  • Finish Stitch Wound to get 1 success.
  • Train Diagnose, Remove Stitches, Splint Bone to ~10 ranks or until you reach 1 success.
  • Finish Set Bone to get 1 success.
  • Train Administer to ~10 ranks to reach 1 success.
  • Learn Rouse.

Important Notes:

  • If you need a wound to practice your healing skills, head over to the Net Mending Shop just north of the Stone Toga Inn. You will burn your hands slightly by rubbing the nets free of junk.
  • You should aim to have a skill rotation of: bandage wound, remove bandages, clean wound, application and diagnose to offset the training penalty.
  • The Apply Tourniquet and Remove Tourniquet skills are not necessary as you will learn Stitch Wound and become proficient quickly enough. It could be useful for someone who is not a primary healer.
  • You can use arrows as a material to create a splint.
  • Sunburn Salve can be purchased at a much lower cost to practice with the Application skill.
  • A bandaged wound will heal faster than one that is not bandaged.
  • A clean wound will heal faster than one that is not cleaned.
  • The amount of time a salves effects are felt has been modified to better emphasize the ability of the healer applying the salve. Ranks in Application matter!
  • Painkiller Salve will help with wounds that causes someone to 'wince' so they can perform their regular duties with less pain.
  • Burn Salve will help burn wounds to heal quicker.
  • Inflammation Salve will help with inflamed wounds. These are rare. The patient will see it under his CONDITION. You will also get a visual cue when looking at someone's description.
  • Swelling Salve will help with swollen wounds. These are rare. The patient will see it under his CONDITION. You will also get a visual cue when looking at someone's description.
  • Stitches can be applied to certain non-bleeding wounds to allow them to heal quicker.
  • Splints can be applied to certain non-broken wounds to allow them to heal quicker.
  • Bandages and stitches on the hands will make one fumble more often.
  • Higher ranks in the Diagnose skill will allow you to perceive more information when using the regular TEND command.
  • Laying in the baths will help recuperate Health Points as well as help bruising wounds to heal quicker.
  • Rousing a character will result in a longer waking time dependant upon the roll over success. A character sustaining damage will fall unconscious again regardless of how well they were roused.
  • You do not have to roll over your success in order to remove an arrow. However, a failure will cause the patient to lose Health Points and Fatigue?** Requires verification.
  • Arrow-Pulling is a 9+MoS unless you fail the skill, it then becomes 34+MoS.

Tend <target>: 9+MoS (Learn more ranks in the Diagnose skill to receive more pertinent information)
Tend <target> thorough: 29+MoS (allows you, at once, to view every single wound and needs)

Healing Jobs:

Jobs: You can receive healing jobs at the Hospice of the Morning Light. Simply wait just south of Melilia and wait for the jobs to be called. Go to the appropriate room/arch and ask the patient "What's wrong?". Complete the job and then tell them "It's all done." The jobs will randomly spawn based on your skill level and the skills you know every 10 minutes or so depending on the amount of people waiting.

Hospice Jobs:

  • A child says, "I dunno… got a cut right here…" Bandaging: 19 denars
  • A citizen says, "I think I need something to help the wound heal." Apply burn salve + Bandage: 38 denars
  • A worker asks, "This is making it hard to work. Anything you can do to cut down on the pain?" Apply Painkiller Salve: 47 denars
  • A hired guard says, "I think I might want to get this arrow out of me." Arrow-Pulling + Bandage: 76 denars
  • A citizen says, "I got kicked by a merchant's mule down by Bronze Lane. My arm seems to be broken." Splint: 76 denars (splint itself costs 9 denars)
  • A worker asks, "I got a nasty cut from hauling junk. Mind stitching it up?" Stitching: 95 denars

Franlius Jobs:
These jobs allow you to earn reputation which can be used at Fama's shop. (15 jobs, roughly 2 hours and a half, did not unlock any items)

  • A wounded Iridine soldier says, "Got ambushed out on patrol. Can you pull this thing out, please?." Arrow-Pulling + Bandage
  • A wounded Iridine soldier says, "Who the hell brings a quarterstaff to a war? Bastage got in a lucky shot. I heard it break." Splint
  • Stitching Job which I haven't gotten yet.
Numbers below based on Fairly Good Perception and Good Dexterity
Skill Roundtime Difficulty Ranks for 1 Success (Healing/skill)
Bandage Wound 9+MoS 64 42/1
Remove Bandages 7+MoS 64 42/1
Clean Wounds 9+MoS 65 43/1
Administer 7+MoS 89 100/11
Arrow-Pulling 9+MoS 90 100/12
Diagnose 14+MoS 90 100/12
Remove Stitches 14+MoS 89 100/11
Splint Bone 19+MoS 89 100/11
Stitch Wound 19+MoS 113 100/45
Set Bone 25+MoS 116 100/48
Application 9+MoS 64 42/1
Remove Splint 9+MoS 64 42/1
Apply Tourniquet 9+MoS 96 100/15
Remove Tourniquet 7+MoS 64 42/1

Note1: Ranking up basics higher and skills lower will end up saving you 102 SP in this particular case. HOWEVER ranking up to 100 will cost you a -lot- of money if you don't have a trainer. If you don't care about spending a bit more SP, you should use the Rank Bonus Calculator on this site and figure out what Rank Bonus you need with Set Bone to reach a 1 success. Once you have that number, figure out how high you need to bring your basics and the skill to the lowest amount to reach it. In my above example, I would need rank 56/56 to reach 116 Rank Bonus due to my stats. If your stats are lower than mine, you will need more ranks. You can easily calculate it by comparing your Difficulty index to mine: when using Bandage Wounds look at your success. If you have a 70 success and you are rank 1/1 that means your Difficulty index is 5+69=74. All skills above will require you to have a +10 to reach 1 success.
Note2: Difficulty is based on Rank Bonus required to get a 1 success with Good Dexterity ( ) and Fairly Good Perception ( )

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