Black Hand Caves

Black Hand Caves:

As the construction of the road to Seld commenced in YOTR 291, Black Hand Cavern was routed and vacated by its former inhabitants. It is currently a mining and gravel pit, devoid of hostiles. The area is now known as Black Hand Mines. The Black Hand bandits however have moved to a new location. The Black Hand Caves can now be found a ways off to the northwest of Seld. This area is for experienced fighters only and groups are recommended. Rumor has it that some secret areas (not shown on the map below) and various hidden treasures may be obtained.

Black Hand Bandit armbands can be turned in to Salvare in Seld to earned reputation. The reputation can then be used to purchase items at Nominis' reputation shop in Seld.

Credits to PhilippeCP for the map.


From Seld Gate: 14xW, 124xN
From Vetallun Bridge: 125xNE + 78xE


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