This towering marvel, and some would say true center of the city, hosts spectacles involving man and beast. Gladiators representing ancient and current enemies battle here, criminals are swallowed by foreign animals, and the numerous gladiatorial stables send their trainees when games are not held. Fighters who need some practice against a human opponent may do so at any time and arena staff will automatically select a suitable match.

walk to colosseum, n x 2, e x 2, ne, down, nw, w, n, nw (leads you to the fighting sands)

3 - Difficulty changes based on your skill level and knowledge of combat

-a gladiator

Points of interest:
-Otho's betting booth
-Mikolus' healing station
-Saunio's armory
-Krogus' market counter


Hunting Grounds ยป Colosseum

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