Iridine Pits


Originally a construction project that collapsed, it became the breeding ground for rats that call the city home. This was also the site of a sealed-in domus acting as a tomb, that contained traces of what is called the plague. Though the carrier rats that were infested it are gone from this pit, it is still dangerous to the ill-prepared. Those wishing to test their skills against a number of quick opponents often come here to train, but you may be easily overwhelmed by numbers.

walk to colosseum, w x 2, se, e x 2, down x 2

1 - Newbie with some ranks

-a sickly yellow rat
-a plump brown rat
-a gaunt grey rat
-a pale white rat with crimson white splotches
-a mottled wiry rat
-a mangy looking rat (rare)

Points of interest:
-Stone chamber

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