Iridine Sewers


The city's offal and waste flow under its roads and out to sea. The sewers not only contain the stench and filth, but many secrets and foes. The deeper you travel, the greater the risk.

Difficulty & creatures

Northwestern section: 0.5 - Newbie with a few ranks

This zone is by the entrance and extends to the tunnel in the northwest side.

  • sewer rodents
  • osecars
  • large brown rats

Southwestern section: 1 - Newbie with some ranks

From the entrance, heading east/southeast to the fork that turns south, southeast and west. Follow the tunnels south.

  • sewer snakes
  • osecars
  • large brown rats

Southeastern section: 2 - Some ranks required

From the fork (see above), head south.

  • large brown rats
  • osecars
  • fluviturs
  • small alligators
  • sewer rodent
  • sewer snakes
  • gigantic wasps
  • giant spiders

Sea caves: 4

Connecting to the sewers and leading to a cliff side cave, this area is laden with massive sea creatures and the smugglers that call it home.

  • large bats
  • cliff crabs
  • sea snakes
  • massive subterranean serpents
  • massive crabs with a crimson shell
  • sailors and marines


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