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Ludus Valerius opened its doors some many decades ago and was falling to ruins due to a lack of care from its owner. The founder of this training academy was a man named Lertius Valerius who was a Second Class citizen. Lertius passed away just a year ago and had a single son who inherited all of his wealth and properties.

Renimas Valerius, Lertius' single son and newly named owner, decided to renovate the Ludus and perhaps even make a name for himself in the gladiatorial world. Various slaves belonging to wealthy patricians and free men of diverse skill come here to train, bringing some wealth and fame to the Ludus' owner. Renimas believes that opening his gates to the public will help strengthen the lesser skilled prospects' potential. The more skilled prospects - those who have survived several battles in the arena - are trained in the basement, out of hearing and sight's reach. House Valerius owns several talented gladiators as well.

Key Features:

  • New, easily accessible area for lesser skilled characters. (suitable for 2-3 weeks old characters and characters with less than a set number of ranks)
  • Ludus Valerius will be easily accessible from the Bronze Lane mark point.
  • Simply 'walk to bronze' and head west once you reach the mark point. There are no costs to enter the school.
  • Only characters below a certain skill level (750 Total Combat Ranks) will be allowed to enter the Ludus to train. Once you reach 751 Total Combat Ranks you will lose your access to the facility.
  • Two NPC trainers will teach various skillsets at lower costs (50% off) and only at low levels. They will not have a full list of skills or skillsets.
  • A NPC healer will be there to assist you with your wounds, but only if you fall unconscious while fighting the training slaves.
  • Group combat will not spawn more slaves at a time. There is a limit of one slave per area.
  • There are six training areas (two per skill level) split into three different skill levels (low, medium and high).
  • You will only have access to the one area for your skill level. Once you reach a certain threshold you will move up to the next area or lose access.
  • Two humanoid NPCs, that will each use different weapons and fighting techniques have been created for each skill level (a total of six new humanoid opponents).
  • Bunks have been made available for those who do not own an inn room and wish to regain fatigue points while sleeping.
  • A culina has been added with some less than tasty, but filling food at low costs.
  • You will receive greater SP gain for fighting these NPCs, but will receive no monetary reward.
  • You cannot have more than 200 Skill Points stored on your character otherwise your SP gain will drop down to 0.


walk to bronze, w, w


Low Level Training Area (South Side)

Maximum Total Combat Ranks allowed: 250.
Opponents: Gladius wielding slaves, Brawling slaves
Rewards: Higher SP gain. No monetary rewards.

Mid Level Training Area (West Side)

Maximum Total Combat Ranks allowed: 500.
Opponents: Staves wielding slaves, Pankratiasts slaves
Rewards: Higher SP gain. No monetary rewards.

High Level Training Area (North Side)

Maximum Total Combat Ranks allowed: 750.
Opponents: Spear wielding slaves, Avros specialist slaves
Rewards: Higher SP gain. No monetary rewards.

An elderly instructor
Skill Difficulty To Rank Skill Difficulty To Rank Skill Difficulty To Rank Skill Difficulty To Rank Skill Difficulty To Rank
Brawling - 60 One-Handed Crushing - 60 One-Handed Axes - 60 Spears - 60 Knives —- 60
Punch easy 40 Club Simple Bash easy 40 Axe Basic Chop easy 40 Spear Stab easy 40 Knife Jab easy 40
Kick easy 40 Club Strike easy 40 Axe Slash easy 40 Spear Jab easy 40 Knife Overheard Strike easy 40
Knee easy 40 Club Swat easy 40 Axe Head Swat easy 40 Spear Butt Smash average 40 Knife Chop easy 40
Head Butt average 40 Club Crush average 40 Axe Longarm Strike average 40 Spear Overheard Thrust average 40 Knife Simple Stab average 40
Foot Stomp average 40 Club Smash average 40 Axe Overheard Strike average 40 Spear Slash difficult 40 Knife Slash average 40
Uppercut difficult 40 Club Upswing average 40 Axe Pivot Smash average 40 Spear Simple Block easy 40 Knife Underhand Stab average 40
Face Block average 40 Club Simple Block easy 40 Axe Chopping Block difficult 40 Spear Butt Block easy 40 Knife Short Block average 40
Swat Block average 40 Club Cross Block average 40 Axe Crossblock average 40 Spear Rounding Block difficult 40 Knife Long Block difficult 40
Knife Cross Block average 40
Skill Difficulty To Rank Skill Difficulty To Rank Skill Difficulty To Rank Skill Difficulty To Rank
One-Handed Swords 60 Staves 60 Combat Maneuvers 60 Shields 60
Sword Jab easy 40 Staves End Jab easy 40 Basic Dodge easy 40 Shield Simple Block easy 40
Sword Slash easy 40 Staves Simple Strike easy 40 Duck easy 40 Shield Overhead Block average 40
Sword Swat easy 40 Staves Swat easy 40 Sidestep easy 40 Shield Cross Block average 40
Sword Chop easy 40 Staves Pivot Smash average 40 Jump average 40 Shield Low Block difficult 40
Sword Stab average 40 Staves Side Strike average 40 Leg Dodge average 40
Sword Simple Block easy 40 Staves Leg Sweep average 40 Swaying Dodge average 40
Sword Round Block average 40 Staves Longarm Strike average 40 Fall Back average 40
Sword Overheard Block average 40 Staves Simple Block easy 40 Recovery average 40
Sword Base Block difficult 40 Staves Crossblock average 40 Footwork impossible 40
Sword Low Block difficult 40 Staves Overhead Block average 40 Reflexes impossible 40
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