Old City Ustrinum


The Old City, or Moondeep, if referring to its ancient name, is just what the name implies: the old part of Iridine. Within this section of town is the old ustrinum, overgrown and largely forgotten. Among the tombs and burying yards are all sorts of creatures that keep most curious parties away. Though carrion beetles are relatively harmless, the leech snakes enjoy coiling around limbs and injecting you with their venom while draining your blood. The diabolus ardentis, affectionally called the fire lizard, spits burning acid at its prey. This area is as steeped in mystery, as is the rest of Moondeep, with some claiming those buried here hide secrets some wish best left entombed.

walk to colosseum, e x 4, n x 2, w x 3, s x 2


-a carrion beetle
-a leech snake
-a mangy looking rat
-a diabolus ardentis

Points of interest:


Hunting Grounds ยป Old City Ustrinum

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