Fighting & Training Areas

These hunting areas are listed roughly in order of difficulty. Anything more challenging than the dumps should first be explored with a companion. Some areas should never be attempted solo.

Many more hunting grounds exist in the game, waiting to be discovered by intrepid explorers. Be clever and safe out there.

Newbie Friendly

(less than 300 ranks)

  • Practice dummies: Walk to Toga, w, sw, s, e (closest practice dummy to Phaedra)
    New characters can earn their first 100 SPs on a practice dummy. Most combat trainers have a practice dummy in their vicinity.
  • Signal Tower Island: Walk to Toga, n x 2, w x 4, nw, go n (when ferry comes), go n (when ferry arrives to island)
    Only one combat rank is required to fight here.
  • Vetallun Apple Orchard : Walk to Vetallun, Walk to Crossroads, w x 4, n x 4, nw, w
    Difficulty is very similar to Signal Tower Island.
  • Ludus Valerius: Walk to Bronze Lane, then west through the gate
    This training area offers a bonus to skill-point gain, but you can only bank up to 200 SP at a time. There are three tiers of difficulty that help you learn how to distribute your offensive and defensive ranks.

Low Tier

(300+ ranks)

  • Under the Quartz Heights Boardwalk: Walk to Emerald Square, 5 w, 6 sw, 8 w, 5 s, 2 w, s, 2 se, e, 2 se, 8 w, s, down
    A good supplement to the Ludus, and also decent skinning practice. With private baths in close proximity, this is a decent hunting ground, if you can avoid the pinch!
  • Iridine Dumps: Walk to Junk Dealer, e x 2, n x 3
    Just outside the city walls, this area houses the majority of the bustling metropolis' garbage. Home to rats, hounds and dogs looking for a quick bite. The saying one man's garbage is another man's treasure holds true here as you can find discarded junk here with the SEARCH command. Mind the crazy person who will chase you into town if you're too skilled (you're a threat to them).
  • Iridine Pits: Walk to Colosseum, w x 2, se, e x 2, down x 2
  • Old City Ustrinum: Walk to Colosseum, e x 4, n x 2, w x 3, s x 2
    It is said that the Old City was the original city of Iridine founded by the first king, Tulcas. Originally bordered by the Old Wall, the Old City sits atop Basran Hill. It contains such monuments as the Old Wall itself, the Basran Fount and the Tower of the Heavens. Eventually, the city grew so much that the Old City became merely a small part of greater Iridine, and eventually lost most of the power and prestige originally connected to it. Within the ancient burial grounds snakes, beetles and feared Diablos Ardentis can be found. Don't bring your fancy clothes as their acid spit can burn through them.
  • Swamp Mansion: Walk to Carcass Buyer, w, nw x 3, n x 13, e x 10, ne x 29, n x 3, n x 44, ne x 22
  • Rock Valley Critter Alley
    At night time the critters emerge from their hiding spots and populate the side streets of Rock Valley. The southern intersection is home to dogs, hounds, and rats. If you bring a sharp knife with you, there's money to be made in their parts.
  • Burnt Villa: Walk to Carcass, w, nw x 3, n x 16, ne x 19, n x 2, w x 2, go n, go down x 2
  • Monlon Mines: From the City Square Outside of the Jail, e, ne, e x 3, s, e x 2, s, e x 3, n x 2, ne x 3, e, ne, e, n, ne, e, n x 4
  • Spider Caverns: Walk to Vetallun road, walk to Crossroads, stop at big boulder, n x 18
    The spider caverns are home to giant arachnids and spiders. Some say even deeper you may find giant subterranean serpents.
  • Swamp Vale: Walk to Carcass, w, nw x 3, n x 13, e x 10, ne x 29, n x 3, ne x 14, n x 26, ne x 12, nw

Mid Tier

(1000+ ranks)

  • Alleys: Walk to Toga, w, sw, n, w x 2, s, sw
    What better way to close out a night of drinking than to pick a fight? Use caution, as the drunken brutes, thugs and their dogs can swell to large numbers and overwhelm the eager adventurer.
  • Rock Valley Forests: From the gate of Rock Valley, walk south a ways for the south forest, or north/northeast for the north forest.
    The woods in Rock Valley are home to a variety of wildlife from beautiful to very dangerous. You can find mountain goats, anteaters, foxes, bears, mountain lions and even wolves. Watch out for the white wolves. In the south watch out for Lokeen. They are a simple barbarian tribe who mostly hunts the woods for food, they are territorial though and will try to drive you from their lands with their clubs, axes and bows. At night the northern woods teem with the war-like tribe called the Aziri. Woe to the superstitious adventurer who wanders into their lands. They are far more aggressive and skilled than the lowly Lokeen, most likely hunting for slaves in the region. Occasionally you can find an iron knife on them. Both groups wander with shamans who are more dangerous than the younglings they travel with.
  • Coastal Alleys: Walk to Toga, w, sw x 2, s x 3, sw, s x 2, sw x 4, w x 2, sw, w x 3, nw, w (one of three entrances)
  • Rock Valley Dumps: From the wide lane at the entrance of the town: s x 6, se x 10, e x 2, ne
  • Sea Caves: Walk to Toga, e, n, e, down x 4, s, se x 2, e, se x 13, e x 8, s x 8, sw x 2, w x 6, sw x 8, s x 2, nw x 4, w x 10, down x 2
  • Colosseum: Walk to Colosseum, n x 2, e x 2, ne, down, nw, w, n, nw (leads you to the fighting sands)
    Warriors seeking training head to the Colosseum to fight slaves. Each entering warrior is assessed for their skill, and slaves to match their prowess are sent out. Beware fighting alongside combat legends - you'll face off against their gladiators, not just your own.

Mid-High Tier

(1500+ ranks)

  • Bandit Forest: Walk to Vetallun Road, walk to Crossroads, stop at big boulder, ne x 3
    These woods border Vetallun road closely, and are home to bandits, archers, and other vagrants. Travel with caution - these bandits make a living beating down and stripping unwary travelers of coin and belongings.
  • Caravan runs: Walk to Vetallun Road, e 2; walk to Crossroads; walk to Blackvine
    Drovers leading caravans frequently meet at the Vetallun Road, Vetallun Crossroads, and Blackvine mark points, and are always looking for guards. Be wary however, your foes will be well trained bandits, ruffians, and rogues.
  • Brigand Treehouse: Just after leaving bridge: ne x 65, n x 94
    Home to the tiniest walls and ceilings ever built. Those who use a polearm may have a hard time getting in a good swing. The planks are wobbly, and you’ll target practice to archers that inhabit the crow's nest.
  • Bandit Complex: Walk to Carcass, w, nw x 3, n x 13, e x 10, ne x 29, n x 3, ne x 14, n x 26
  • Gardens of Sunset (Steps Gardens)
    Deep within the southern steps past the Forum Mico lies an ancient dilapidated garden. Statues of a long-gone era lay in rubble and vegetation overruns the once manicured paths. Home to some unsavory denizens of the Steps, be wary as they are quite territorial.
  • Grey Sands
    Grey sands (also referred to as Black Sands) is located a ways northeast of Blackvine. It was once a bustling port town but was overrun by rogues and ruffians. Sailors and marines have since taken it back and guard their home closely with a myriad of seafaring weapons. Watch out for spears!
  • Rock Valley Fenri-Gifr Ruins: From the wide lane at the entrance of the town: se x 2, e x 85, se, e x 34, s x 2
    The Fenrir-Gifr ruins are steeped with mystery. Some say at night creatures half man, half wolf roam the ruins. You can hear their howls in the distance. Avoid the "I can't spell jolt bug" if you're not wearing leather gloves or using a wooden or bone weapon.
  • Rock Valley Burial Grounds: From the wide lane at the entrance of the town: e x 22, ne x 28
    An ancient, mysterious place clouded further by many dangers. Bring spare weapons, as the critters here have the ability to destroy them.
  • Swamp Worm Temple: Walk to Carcass, w, nw x 3, n x 13, e x 10, ne x 29, n x 3, nw x 6, n x 4

High Tier

(4000+ ranks)

  • Rock Valley Undertown Mysterious, cryptic words scrawled into the walls of a derelict building give explorers some hints as to how to navigate the area known as Undertown. As one ventures deeper down each level, challenges increase dramatically with difficulty. (For the first level, an intrepid explorer should be a graduate from the Ludus and able to hold their own in places such as the Bandit Complex.) Beware: you won't get far on your own, and failure pays a high cost.
  • Franlius Battlegrounds
    The war-town border town of Franlius, a hot spot of Iridine and Cineran contention, has five distinct tiers to which allies of Iridine can lend their swords. Southeast, Southwest, Northeast, Northwest are in ascending order of difficulty for fighters in the mid to mid-high tiers. The dread Docks require the highest caliber of fighters.
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