Ielios Pardelian

Ielios Pardelian
(Taken from forum posting by Bactrian)
A centurion named Pardelian served for over a decade in the constant wars of King Quintus the Marauder (105-136 EK) against the Parcines barbarians. After watching for ten years the generally discipline-less conduct of both the barbarians and Legio, he took it upon himself to begin instilling a fresh sense of discipline in his men. His discipline was not attractive - he is rumored to have been the first to have decimated his own men, though that remains unsubstantiated - but effective, and despite his sterness and, perhaps, cruelty, men clamored to be assigned under him. The reason was simple - despite active duty against the Parcines, his men survived engagement after engagement at a rate unheard of in other centuries.

His tactics, however, were not appreciated by those ranked above him. He was called insane and dangerous by those tribunes under which he served; constant reports of his tendencies towards rebellion made King Quintus nervous, and in one fit of anxiety Quintus ordered Pardelian killed, dispatching his nephew and a servant to do so. When the nephew arrived, however, the Iridinian army was in the middle of a pitched battle against a force of Parcines. As the nephew watched, Ielios' centuries marched in strict formation, wheeling and turning with precision at the commands of the decurions. The disorganized hordes easily outnumbered the Legio there, but were swept under as wheat in a thresher by the gladii rising and falling in a synchronized ballet of bloodshed.

The nephew was so impressed that he refused his commission and, instead, commanded that Ielios Pardelian be placed in command and pursue the barbarians he had so neatly defeated as far as his supplies would take him. Pardelian obliged, gaining miles of territory that had been fought over for years with no movement. The nephew returned to Iridine and convinced Quintus to instead promote the loyal Pardelian, which the Marauder did a year before being assassinated.

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