The Senate offers the following guidance to those dedicated to the pursuit of Justice in Iridine:

I. In the city of Iridine, the law shall be enforced exclusively by the Iridine constabulary. The Phoenix Guard shall be tasked to the protection of the Senate and the city walls, and shall be permitted on occasion to act against lawbreakers within the city itself, particularly those involved in Treason against the Republic. The Iridine Constabulary shall not find itself confined merely by the walls, but may exercise their due power within a reasonable distance from the city itself.

II. In the outlying regions, the law shall be enforced by the local constables or vigiles in conjunction with the two Legions. The Legio shall have precedence over any local force, and the Phoenix Guard shall have precedence over the Legio.

III. The City Justice and his subordinates shall have precedence for the ajudication of all cases originating within the city and dealing exclusively with crimes perpetrated by a citizen.

IV. The Foreign Justice and his subordinates shall have precedence for the ajudication of all cases originating outside the city or dealing with a crime perpetrated by a foreigner.

V. The Governors of outlying areas and their subordinates shall, in the absence of a Foreign Justice, be responsible for the ajudication of any charges involving incidents within their region. If a Foreign Justice is presiding over a trial, the Governor's representative may, at their discretion, sit in an advisory capacity with the presiding Justice.

VI. Any Justice, City or Foreign, if once having assumed the auspices of judgement in a trial finds that he is unable to try the case, may turn over judgment of any case to any Justice, City or Foreign, that is available.

VII. In areas where the Legio has assumed, with the Senate's permission, primary control of the administrative functions of an area, the Consul of the Legio responsible for administration in that area shall be responsible for the ajudication of all trials of crimes committed within the Legio's area of responsibility. Any citizen sentenced by the military Justice has the right of appeal to the Foreign Justice.

VIII. Suits brought by one private person against another seeking civil liability need not follow the rules of jurisdiction; the case shall be tried by the Justice or Governor's designate who is approached by the aggrieved party.

NOTE: Taken directly from a forum posting by Bactrian.

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