Languages & Library

Those seeking to deepen their knowledge, learn an additional language or enjoy creative writing would do well to visit Iridine's Library.

Accessing the Library

The Library is located within the Forum in Iridine. To get there, type "Walk Library."

Weapons are not allowed in the Library. You must ensure you have no weapons on you or give them to the tan-clad guard outside the library before entering. (The guard will hold weapons for you, and return them if you ask him "Return".) Note: Shovels, trowels and fishing poles are also considered weapons.

Be on your best behavior inside, or else you may find yourself banned permanently.

Learning & Utilizing Other Languages

By default, every character in Midlight speaks in the common tongue. If you know additional languages, you can speak and write in other tongues.

Studying Languages

Learning a language is not difficult mechanically, but it can be a long and arduous pursuit. If you have poor mental stats, it can take many real-life months or even years to learn another language.

  1. Find the attendant: Once inside the library, type "go desk" to approach the library attendant.
  2. Ask about your language of choice: Ask the attendant about "languages" to learn what is offered. Or, tell him the name of the language you would like to study and he will escort you to a language tutor.
    • The Library only teaches the "cultured" languages of Midlight, and you may learn about others during the course of your gameplay.
  3. Study with your tutor: When you are with a tutor, echo what he or she says ("echo man" or "echo woman"). If you are successful, and with enough practice, you will gain some proficiency in the language.
    • Skillpoint gain for languages is unlike other skills. You will automatically rank up in languages after you have earned 1 skill point from your practice.
  4. Depart: Your tutor will conclude your lesson after you have had 20 lessons that (real-life) day. If you would like to leave early, tell the tutor "Let me out."
    • You can only have 20 lessons per day, regardless of which language you are studying.

Language Proficiency

Having 1 rank in a language will allow you to recognize it. You will begin to understand more words and phrases in each foreign tongue at higher ranks. You will become fluent in a language once you have reached 50 ranks in it, allowing you to read, write and understand it fully.

Utilizing Languages

To speak in another language, type "speak [language]." Everything you speak will now be said in that language, until you revert back to common (type "speak common").

You can also write in different languages: Type "write on [surface] in [language]."

Searching the Stacks

There are many rooms and sections in the library, on a wide range of topics. You can search a shelf for a specific topic, grab a random title or look at all titles on a particular shelf:

  • Search for a specific topic: type "search shelf for KEYWORD"
  • Get a random title: type "search shelf"
  • Review all titles: type "search shelf for ." (be sure to include the period)

Be sure to check out all the rooms, as each one a unique selection of reading materials

You cannot take materials out of the library. When you are finished with your reading, simply leave it on the ground for re-shelving.

Contributing to the Library

If you have written a piece of fiction, scholarly work or historical record, you can submit it for consideration for the library shelfs. Put a copy in the large oak box outside the Library for consideration and review by a member of the TEC staff.

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