Legal System


The Republic of Iridine and it's cities must maintain law and order to protect the interests of its government and citizens. As such, the Republic and its many cities and towns each have their own police forces, ranging from organized military units to citizen led militias and vigiles.

Monlon Vigiles
Rock Valley Watch
The Phoenix Guard
The Soldiers of Ereal


Each of the lawkeeping organizations of the republic have jurisdiction over certain geographical areas or matters of law. Depending on where a crime is committed, particular officials may be responsible for handling that crime and prosecuting the criminals. Broadly speaking, the Iridine Constabulary is responsible for crimes committed within or near the walls of the city of Iridine, while the Legio and other local lawkeeping organizations work in conjunction to maintain order elsewhere in the Republic.


Crimes, Warrants, and Penalties

As the Twelve Tables of Iridinian law make clear, those who commit a crime must be punished. The Senate has defined a thorough list of recognized crimes, along with associated penalties and forfeitures.


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