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The Legio is Iridine's military arm and has been a formal institution since the days of Kings. Historically, armed service was the duty of every citizen in the Republic (with the exception of the Head Count class), as the Comitia Centuriata and property classes attest. It has been reorganized more recently to reflect the Republic's newest enemies and to allow for additional manpower as the wars with Iridine's neighbors and barbarian tribes continue. It now hosts a number of foreigners and citizens alike all striving to defend, and extend, the Republic's land and influence. Those who survive may find great rewards through either monetary gain or citizenship for their time served.


The Republic's military force is divided into two legions, Legio I and Legio II, each with approximately 6,000 men and women. The supreme commander of a Legio is one of two elected Consuls. He is granted an aide to assist him with the affairs of running and suppling the Legio, however, his Legate is the "on the ground" commander tasked with executing the orders of the elected Consul and making on the spot military decisions. The Legio is divided into Ten Cohorts each lead by a Tribune and finally into Centuries, each lead by a Centurion. The ranks themselves are divided by weapon type for efficient use in battle, with each soldier being placed into either the Hastati, Principes, or Triarii. Auxiliary forces such as medics are attached to each Century.

The games playable Legio, Legio I, is the 1st Century of the 1st Cohort, making it's respective Centurion and Tribune of "Primus" rank and thus senior to all other members of similar rank in the Legio. The leadership chart is as follows:



The Legionary of the Republic is outfitted in such a manner to aide not only survival in combat, but efficient and deadly use of a cohesive, well trained, professional military machine. Pictured is the standard outfit of an enlisted member of the Legio. Those citizens and foreigners who can not afford, nor wield, this equipment are allowed to bring their own so long as they are capable of fighting well with their brothers-in-arms.


Recruitments are held periodically for Legio I, as Legio II is active and in the field at this time. Legio I welcome all citizens and foreigners with clean backgrounds and a desire to serve the Republic. Recruits must pass a series of field and written exams before being classified as "greenies" and wearing the green combed wool sash of an official Legio Recruit. When they have completed their tasks and fought, for the first time, as a unit against the enemies of the Republic, they are promoted and their training is considered complete.


Due to both the fear of a military coup and the tradition that citizens put down the plow, fight, and then return as private citizens, the Legio is not allowed to wield their weapons while within the city walls unless in matters of self defense or upon request for law enforcement purposes. Their training is conducted in the Campus Martius, just beyond the walls and across the River Invex. Their primary fort is outside the village of Vetallun.

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