Library Archive

List of Contents:

  • Official lore/stories

He slightly turned and said... (not in library)
War Reaches a Turning Point
An Account from the Age of Kings (not in library)
Cair Coradon Scrolls (not in library)

  • Organization Charters

Vestis Formatae Charter
Divortium Auxilii Charter (not in library)

  • In-Game Lore:

Iridine's Real Heroes by Hyriul Hernonis (not in library)
Blackvine's Bank Robbery (not in library)
The Sack of Rock Valley
Assembled Nehal Lore
The Rescue of Tyrlindax
The Funeral of Jalian Triarchus
The Soldiers of Ereal Return
The Senate Examines a Barbarian
Iudicium Digestae I
Iudicium Digestae II
The Death of Olethea
Iridine Ephemeris 1
Iridine Ephemeris 2
Journey: Rock Valley (not in library)
The Way of Bright Hope
The Bridge of Feysal
The Song of Peitho: Volume I
The Song of Peitho: Volume II
The Song of Peitho: Volume III
Varrus Reports Codex
Varrus Reports Scroll
Remathen Tea Mastery
The Founding of the League
The Great Leviathan of Iridine
The Legend of Aestivan
Synodia's Case
The Parcines People
Medicinal Plants
Birthstones and their Meanings
Astrology 233 to 235
The Practice of Law
Notes from a former acolyte
Histories of Altene Vol. 1

  • In-Game Guides:

Hunting Grounds Version 1 (not in library)
A Badger's Guide to Monlon
A Tailor's Guide to Fashion
A Tailor's Guide to Fighting
The Style of Avros
Adventurer's Guide to Rock Valley
The Body: A book on Brawling
Vetallun & West Grasslands
The Gardens of Iridine
Practical-ly Silly Guide: Locksmithing by Elsana
The Warrior's Spirit
Sagitum Triarii Volume 1
Fauna - by Lingkius ShuKluk

  • Character Biographies

Aernus Dolnor Biography
Vinian Quartz Biography
Ridder Kiht Biography
The Life of Breven

  • Poems

Thousand Times for One
Meditations and Silly Things
Anonymous Poem
Asking for Justice
Poems of the Altene Rose
How do I Name Stupid?
For Faith
Prayers and Devotions by Peitho
Poems of Love
Wild Poems by Miri
Life Limericks by Kyi
Poems by Kimalei
Impromptu by Kyi
The Crypt by Ardinia
Death Upon the Rock by Talena

  • Fiction

Victory by Kale

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