Little Black Book Of Thievery

A Few Words of Wisdom

Being a thief in Iridine can be a very rewarding, albeit sometimes very frustrating experience. Starting out, you might hate it but, rest assured, with a bit of time, patience, and discretion, you'll be netting talent after talent while your more 'honorable' mates eke out a living by murdering no good bandits and brigands and the like for the leather scraps they wear. Hey, at least your marks make it out of the deal alive, just a little poorer than they were before you got a hold of them. The little bits of wisdom contained below are gathered from a lifetime of pilfering and sleight of hand to help you make it to that point in your career just a little bit faster - and hopefully with a few less visits to the wonderful Iridine jail cells, courtesy of our favorite pastry-eating lawkeepers, the constables.

Table of Contents

Training - How to Rank Up Quickly

  • Palming is your go-to move for training pickpocketing. It is completely safe, in the sense that you will never be warranted for using it, however use it in a quiet area because other players will know exactly what you are and what you are up to when they see it.
  • Use a specific rotation while stealing in order to maximize your sp gain, for instance: unpalm sen, palm sen, look for patrician, coin patrician, ground patrician, spook patrician, lift pouch from patrician, retreat. That results in 2 sp gaining moves for pickpocketing and 3 sp gaining moves for setups for each and every pouch that you lift instead of just 1 sp gaining move per lift by simply lifting the pouch by itself. The best part is that all of these moves are readily available from the public trainer - no 'Guild specific' moves required.
  • Coin will weigh you down quickly if you aren't choosy about which pouches you lift. You'll find your training session ending quickly because you're overburdened by coin a lot more quickly than you will because you're actually fatigued. Often, you'll end up with a ton of sens and sterces which have far less value, so my advice - dump them. It seems silly to discard good coin, I know, but it's more efficient to just toss them and keep going than to make a bank trip every 30 minutes to deposit all those sterces and sens.
  • Do NOT depend on quick grab for gaining pickpocketing sp unless you like collecting grubby old robes and eating the moldy bread provided by the jailkeepers. Wait until you learn better maneuvers like cut & lift that are less likely to get you caught and thrown in jail.
  • Signpost is by far the easiest way to train Street Smarts, though the timing can be a bit tricky. For the lowest success in using it, you'll need a good sized crowd, which typically means it's better to do it during daylight in areas where the crowds are thickest (like bars).

Evading the Law - How Not to Get Caught

  • CHOOSE YOUR LOCATION WISELY. That is the one bit of advice that I can not emphasize enough, when and where you choose to work the crowds is the most important factor in whether you will become a successful thief or not. A successful thief is one that doesn't end their night with a trip to the slam, a successful thief is one who is never seen and never caught. That's a lofty goal I know, but make that your objective and you'll be well on your way to riches and perhaps some useful friends who appreciate some discretion.
  • Do some scouting ahead of time. You might be familiar with the area you're stealing in, but it never hurts to do a quick look around the area to see if anyone else is lurking nearby, constable or not.
  • Try to perfect a move before you start using it regularly in the field. Cut & Lift will never, ever get you caught once you have it at a 1 success, hence why it is a thief's best and safest route to easy coin. Grab is risky since even with a perfect 1 success the mark will still likely call out for help - after all, grabbing something from someone's hands is a lot more noticeable than subtly and silently slicing their coin pouch from them. If you don't have a 1 success on a move yet and want to put it to use, do it in an area that has no constables in the crowd. The mark will still shout out if you fail, but since there isn't a constable there to be pulled from the crowd, you don't have to worry about a warrant.
  • If you do fail a maneuver and your mark shouts out for help, it might not be a bad idea to clear the area for a bit and go practice your palming. You never know when a player constable is lurking nearby, and they'll be very irate about you interrupting their pastry break.
  • Iridine isn't the only area in Midlight with crowds to steal from. A bit of exploration in other territories of Iridine might just be worth your while considering that the constables have no jurisidiction outside of the city proper.

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