World Map

City of Iridine

Iridine is a great and growing center of trade and the seat of the small, but powerful, Iridine Republic, a nation of high political ideals and practical philosophies. The city is home to the rich and the poor, the powerful and the impotent.

The Steps

A slum area of Iridine, the Steps was named due to its location on the steep slopes of the Hill. The neighborhood is one of the oldest of the city, and, unplanned, was merely added onto as the residents found it necessary to expand. Riddled with narrow, winding alleyways, the Steps are notorious as the home of the crime families of what some say are the original Iridinians: the Undone.

The Invex River Delta

East of the Salinae River

Rock Valley

Originally settled around a disgraced ex-Senator, the city of Rock Valley is named after the valley it is located in. The locals support their benefactor, who tends to keep to himself. They are a close-knit bunch, and those who leave retain a strong sense of village identity. Within the valley itself are mysteries of ancient civilizations and several tribes of barbarians. The Nehal, who are the most civilized of the barbarian lot, dwell in small village named Stromheim that welcomes travelers who speak their language or offer something they desire in trade.


One-time stronghold of a powerful Southern Cineran warlord, Franlius was razed by the famous Iridine Consul Hadrios Calsuan. What's left is no more than a border town and military fort on the edge of tension. Much of the population is somewhat transient, people who recently walked away from their harsh Cineran lives and came to find better ones in the Republic.


Called the "Holy City," Monlon is the center of the Republic's Erealism. Monlon is an iron-mining city and also a large source of freshwater fish from Lake Monlon. Due to its religious roots, kissing in public is strictly forbidden and the vigiles will quickly away those who display affection in public.


Home of the Blue Breakwater Inn, Seld is a small village situated a ways off to the east of Vetallun. It is directly along the Invex river. Most of the residents of Seld work in or around the Inn, earning docking fees and selling produce to passing rivercraft. It can be accessed either by foot or by taking the ferry in either Vetallun or Monlon. (Just like Blackvine, it is fully accessible by foot and is not a secluded area)

Cullaiden Island

This island bears many names, but one of the more common ones is Cullaiden Island. It has also been referred to as "Slaver's Island" many times. This large island stands in the middle of the open seas and can only be reached by skilled navigators. In the recent years, a new form of punishment has been applied to lawbreakers who simply won't learn; they are exiled to this island. Death is the likely result as few have the means and skills necessary to survive here.

Official Illustrated Maps

These maps depict broad swaths of the world around Iridine, including distant lands and countries that together compose the theatre of Midlight's sprawling lore.

Historical/Older Player Maps

These venerable maps have hung like sturdy tapestries in the imaginations of TEC players for decades, but the sands of time have worn them thin and they have begun to fray. While they may no longer depict the world with perfect accuracy, these maps whisper inimitable secrets of how Midlight has unspooled over time, and they hold a stronger sway than truth over those of us who remember what once was, but now has passed.

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