Player-created maps

City of Iridine

Main Iridine:

The Steps:

The Invex River Delta

East of the Salinae River

Rock Valley



Illustrated Maps

These official maps depict broad swaths of the world around Iridine, including distant lands and countries that together compose the theatre of Midlight's sprawling lore.

The City of Iridine
Cullaiden Island
The Republic of Iridine and Neighboring Regions

Historical Maps

These venerable maps have hung like sturdy tapestries in the imaginations of TEC players for decades, but the sands of time have worn them thin and they have begun to fray. While they may no longer depict the world with perfect accuracy, these maps whisper inimitable secrets of how Midlight has unspooled over time, and they hold a stronger sway than truth over those of us who remember what once was, but now has passed.

Original Iridine Street Maps
PepaQuest Maps
Marnevel's Maps

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