Methodios Callias

Born on the 15th day of Invex YR 245, Methodios Callias is, for lack of a better term, a bastard. Born out of a fling between an Iridinian emissary and his mother (a Lioness at the time) he was raised as a child of both worlds. Though he never knew his father, his mother, Enerta, gave him an Iridinian name and raised him under the finest principles of Altene society. His predicament resulted in few friends and a wanderlust to leave his island home and visit the nation he had heard so much about.

When the time came to join a mercenary company, Methodios instead made his way aboard a Tuchean vessel to Blackvine and, from there, to the city. It just so happened that, upon his arrival, the Constables of Station I were looking for new recruits. Methodios decided what better way to adapt to his new home (and honor his old one) than by signing up.
The challenges were many during his initial time training, but the rewards were worth it.

He has a new found love for his new city and has explored it whenever the opportunity presented itself. Be it the wandering in the Steps or studying in the Library, he has immersed himself in the Republic's history and culture. However, the one thing he abhors is the notion of fighting as entertainment. He has recently been invited to gladiatorial events, and refuses breaking into very typical Altene bluntness about it. In common, he tends to drone on but, when speaking in Altene, he is blunt and succinct.

Methodios is a deeply religious man, worshiping the Altene god Erai'Theran. He does not understand how Ereal and He can be one in the same, but respects the teachings of his new homeland. He was brought up to respect higher authority and, most importantly, his ancestors before him that are in the ranks of the Incara. If Methodios had to choose a time and manner of death, it would be in battle and it would be an honorable (not necessarily heroic and stupid) one.

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