Midlight - The Land of the Eternal City

An ancient world, where magic once flowed freely, but where it is now feared and hated, where those who have not sought the blessing and sanction from the gods themselves practice their craft in secret. A young world, of men and their armies, of emerging philosophies and beliefs, of the growth of nations and the first struggles between rich and poor. A world of exploration and conflict.
Iridine is, essentially, the early Roman Republic. Snipets of Imperial Rome and the late Republic are present, but for all practical purposes you are in the middle of the city-state of Rome expanding north and south. As such, the city is a maze of buildings, monuments, activity, slums, and people all trying to make a living in the world's most powerful Republic. Senators argue over politics and foreign affairs and major commercial ventures such as the Moon Bay Trading Company vie for both government and private contracts.
The Republic of Iridine is currently engaged in a war with its neighbor to the North, Cinera. It has been a conflict since the game began and continues to be fought by members of Legio I and II. The war has affected the city in many ways and a stroll through the monuments of the Garden or reading in the library can tell you more about it. Some characters may even have fought in the initial battles decades ago and are often willing to tell their stories to eager listeners over an ale. Simultaneously, Iridine is expanding in the barbaric lands to the south surrounding the small colonial town of Rock Valley. Wild game, barbarian tribes, and dangerous creatures stalk the lands there. If you're seeking adventure away from the toil of the city, it is a good place to call home and get to know.
The laws of Iridine are spelled out in the Twelve Tables. Of special interest may be the Crimes and Punishments table. It lists all offenses that a character can commit and be jailed for the player or non-player law enforcement forces. Non-citizens and citizens alike are bound to the same rules, but the punishments and crimes vary based on your status with the Republic. Check here for a list of warrantable offenses. Crimes of Iridine

Countries of Midlight

Aestivan League Altene Cinera Fehcratos Gadaene Iridine Kelestia
Parcines Remath Safelands Sostaeran Tuchea Ut-Jor Windward


The world of Iridine is home to many religious beliefs. There various barbarian tribes worship a number of major and minor gods, the nations to the north and south each pay homage to their own, and both the old gods and the one god in the area around Iridine, Ereal. While playing as a character in Iridine, you will be expected to worship Ereal as your chosen god or else face the consequences of your actions if discovered. However, many players choose the laws governoring the state and religion as a means to explore different relationships with other deities.


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