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(4th February 2019): The character generator has seen a sizeable update. The table below only shows advantages and disadvantages.

  • Parcine people are generally seen as very hardy, but also very blunt and often do not thrive in social practices.
  • Iridinians from Iridine are thought to be fairly adept at social niceties, but lack the drive or hardiness of country folk.
  • Iridinians from the country are seen as fairly hardy, and hardworking, but lack the social graces of the city folk.
  • Aestivans are thought to have strong spear arms and even stronger convictions, but are rigid in other ways.
  • Cinerans tend to be lean and quick to act, but tend to drive themselves too hard and can become too focused.
  • Remathens often tend to be wonderful scholars and artisans, but lack the physicality for most physical professions.
  • Tucheans are often mistreated, but keep their hearts open, and thrive at sea where efficiency and hard work are key, but lack of proper nutrition often leaves them lacking in some ways.
  • Windwardians have the strength and conviction of warriors, but sometimes don't see reason as easily as some due to some bad luck in history.
  • Safelanders are a peaceful people who thrive as craftsman, gatherers, and socialites, but lack any sort of warrior spirit in mind or body.
  • Gadaenes tend towards rapid change, in their wardrobes, their thought processes, and the way they move through the world. For good or ill.
  • Sostaerans are a subdued, stoic people. They are a very balanced and grounded people, but not particularly imaginative.
  • Altenes are the most well-known 'warrior' race, and show it in many ways. Though their militaristic mindset tends to leave everything else by the wayside.
  • Remathens can now select Locksmithing as a free skill.
  • Safelanders can now select Hunting as a free skill.
  • The automatic National Traits (Blade Mastery, Aversion to Violence) will no longer take up a trait slot.

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