Nelsor Gladius Combat

The purpose of the Nelsor style of swordsmanship is to impress onlookers as much as it is to beat the opponent. Gladiators, not normally expecting to be killed if they lose, will gladly use such techniques to increase their popularity. A gladiator who uses less flashy techniques exclusively is guaranteed to lose popularity in time. Still, despite these disadvantages, some of these tricks can be useful in a "real" combat situation. They are also very handy in intimidating opponents outside of the arena.

Skill Info Ranks Taught by Trainer
Skills/Actions Difficulty Hands Range Wound Ariston Vashren
Nelsor Gladius Combat - - - - 75 300
Arch of the Sky Average Either Short Cut 50 175
Extended Arm Spin Average Either Short Cut 50 175
Kicking Leap Strike Difficult Either Long Cut 50 175
Kicking Slash Average Either Short Cut 50 175
Leaping Cross Strike Difficult 2 Long Cut 50 175
Lightning Thrust Difficult Either Long Pierce 50 175
Planting the Blade Easy 1 - - 50 175
Spinning Duck and Strike Average Either Short Cut 50 175
Vulture Block Difficult Either - - 50 175
Reverse Sky Arch Average Either Short Cut 50 175
Tiger Slash Difficult Either Short Cut 50 175
Tiger Stance Easy Either - - 50 175
Skill Prerequisites
Kicking Slash 10 Ranks in Swords Slash
Kicking Leap Strike 10 Ranks in Kicking Slash
Arch of the Sky 20 Ranks in Swords Chop
Extended Arm Spin 20 Ranks in Swords Slash
Leaping Cross Strike 10 Ranks in Swords Chop
10 Ranks in Swords Slash
Lightning Thrust 10 Ranks in Swords Lunge
Spinning Duck and Strike 1 Rank in Duck
20 Ranks in Swords Slash
Tiger Slash 20 Ranks in Swords Slash

Directions to Ariston (Iridine): Walk to Bronze Lane, Ex2, NEx2, N, Ex4, N, W

Directions to Vashren (Seld): Walk to Seld (Town Square), Nx2, W

Additional Notes

  • You can only use the Nelsor style with no shield or with a small shield, such as a buckler or rawhide shield. 1
  • Nelsor SP can also be used to train OHS, CMs, and Shields but not the other sword styles.

Arch of the Sky Overview arch <target>

The wielder swings his sword backwards at arm's length, turning the motion into a terrifically-powerful overhand blow. This maneuver is slightly more likely to succeed if done two-handed. If blocked, there is a small chance of disarming the opponent, based on the attacker's skill. If it hits, the blow does significant, but probably not match-ending, damage.

When you see this in use you see:
Ariston pulls his gladius over his head in a long, graceful arc, then brings it down suddenly in a powerful chopping motion aimed at a thug! He suffers a cut to his neck.

Extended Arm Spin Overview armspin <target>

The wielder extends both arms, even if holding a secondary weapon or shield, in order to impart more momentum on his sword as he begins a twirling motion. The spin is relatively fast, but easy to see coming. However, the force is strong enough that a successful hit has a chance of knocking the opponent back (20 over the success) or knocking them completely off their feet (60 over the success).

When you see this in use you see:
Ariston extends both arms outwards, whirling his gladius about as his entire body spins, and cuts a vicious slash across a thug. He suffers a cut to his right hand. The force of his blow forces a thug back!

Kicking Leap Strike Overview kleap <target>

The wielder leaps not at, but past his opponent, kicking in that direction, landing on the kicking foot if successful. While in the air, he attempts to hack at the opponent's flank. If unsuccessful, the opponent sees it coming and may easily pivot along with the kick. Either way, the wielder must pass an agility check when he lands to see how easily he regains his balance. If it fails, then the wielder's next maneuver will suffer a penalty. While it does not do as much damage as a Leaping Cross Strike, the wielder is at least assured of landing on his feet.

When you see this in use you see:
Leaping forward suddenly, Ariston lashes out with a kick past a thug, hacking his flank with his gladius but strike only air. Ariston pauses to regain balance after landing.

Kicking Slash Overview kslash <target>

The wielder lashes out with his (hopefully armored) leg, then pivots through the kicking motion into the start of an overhead slash. If successful, the opponent goes to dodge or block the leg, then his guard is less effective against the follow-up slash. This move has a bonus when the weapon is wielded in both hands.

When you see this in use you see:
Ariston lashes out with on leg at a thug, then pivots quickly turning the motion into a slashing strike with his gladius. He suffers a cut to his neck.

Leaping Cross Strike Overview strike <target>

Holding the gladius in both hands, the wielder springs forward and as high into the air as he can. As he reaches the perfect point, he chops down at the opponent's neck or head with a heavy, slashing motion. The diagonal blow, if successful, usually scores a hit on the head or neck. Against someone without a helmet, it is very bloody and often fatal. This attack is often used as a dramatic finishing move against a stunned or dazed opponent, but it can still have devastating effects if used on an opponent too slow to dodge or unskilled in blocking. If the wielder fails (which is nearly as likely), he lands on his knees at close range to his opponent, vulnerable to attack. However, if the wielder knows Rolling Rise or Backwards Rolling Rise, a check is made with that skill to see whether he can turn his landing into a smooth roll and spring up back onto his feet following the attack.

When you see this in use you see:
Taking several steps forward while clasping his gladius in both hands, Ariston leaps up into the air, slashing wildly at a thug on the way down but missing. Ariston lands heavily on one knee.

Lightning Thrust Overview thrust <target>

The wielder thrusts and lunges forward, also kicking one leg backwards. This allows the lunge to go a few extra inches, takes a few extra split-seconds to accomplish, and most importantly, the wielder withdraws back to long range after the strike. The lunge is harder to use, but also far harder to defend.

When you see this in use you see:
Kicking one leg backwards, Ariston lunges forward rapidly, but his stab with a gladius misses a thug.

Planting the Blade Overview bladeplant

The gladiator throws his sword up into the air in a dramatic end-over-end rotation. If the maneuver succeeds, the gladius sticks blade-first into the ground, close to his feet. Failure means it clatters rather embarrassingly on the ground, far enough from the gladiator for anyone to pick up. Typically, when an opponent is knocked down and stunned, a gladiator might do this to demonstrate that he could have finished the fight, but chooses to continue with honor. Big crowd pleaser.

When you see this in use you see:
Tossing his gladius dramatically into the air, Ariston watches the weapon twirl several times before coming back down and planting itself, blade first, firmly into the ground beside his feet.

Spinning Duck and Strike Overview spinduck <target>

The wielder ducks downward, whirling on one knee like a top, and strikes at the end of the spin. If the maneuver succeeds, it amounts to a very fast, very strong slashing attack aimed low. The primary disadvantage of the maneuver is that the wielder is left temporarily vulnerable, ending up in a kneeling position following the strike.

When you see this in use you see:
Ariston ducks, whirling around on one knee like a top but fails to strike a thug with his gladius at the end of the spin.

Vulture Block Overview

The gladiator has ended up prone or kneeling so much that he is capable of blocking from that position. His movements in this condition take on a sort of clumsy force, resembling a vulture in the air, or at least that's what the original creator of the block remarked. In any case, the audience at the area will recognize the Vulture Block and will be pleased. This block has similar utility to ACMs Rolling Dodge, but is intended for a character on his knees.

When you see this in use you see:
With a forceful, clumsy motion Ariston knocks away a thugs tin dagger with his gladius!

Reverse Sky Arch Overview rarch <target>

Reverse Arch is a very useful move for fighters who are new to the Nelsor style. It has no requirements and does very good damage. As the name implies, it is basically a reverse motion of Arch of the Sky, which results in it usually hitting the thighs or waist, and is very useful against those with weak low and mid defenses. Unlike its counterpart however, Reverse Arch cannot knock your opponents weapon out of his hands.

When you see this in use you see:
Ariston lowers his gladius dramatically, then steps forward, slashing at a thug with a wide upwards arc! He suffers a cut to his right leg.

Tiger Slash Overview tslash <target>

With Tiger Slash, the user steps towards the opponent and leans downward to get a good angle for a low slash. He then slashes inwards aiming at the legs, and follows through with an outward slash again aiming at the legs. Since the body is low to the ground, the slashes are almost the same as when the body is upright, giving this attack more of a punch to the legs than a normal slash.

When you see this in use you see:
Ariston steps forward and crouches down, swinging low at a thug with his tin gladius! He suffers a cut to his right leg.

Tiger Stance Overview tiger

As maneuvers vary depending on which style a swordsman uses, one must learn how to stand properly in order to execute the attacks. It takes a while for those just learning the stance to properly enter it, but upon becoming a grand master in the stance, one is capable of falling into the stance immediately before striking.

When you see this in use you see:
Ariston crouches forward and spreads his arms wide, his gladius held horizontal towards one side.

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