Newbie Combat Guide

Combat in the Eternal City is fast paced, in-depth, and unique. An advanced combat system of limb targeting, damage, armor absorption, and blocking contributes to your success or failure on the battlefield.

The Basics

Combat is based on a 100 sided die roll where a tie does not favor the aggressor. So in order to hit, you must roll 1 over the success. To engage in combat, you APPROACH your TARGET (ex. Approach Dummy) and use your preferred attack such as slashing or, in a new player's case, basic attack (ATTACK DUMMY). Ranged weapons do not need to approach their targets. When a successful roll is initiated, a number of factors, including how successful the roll was, your stats, your weapon, your aim target, and your opponent's stats and armor are taken into consideration to determine if the target takes damage and, if so, how much.

For example:

  • Success 50: Roll 51 - You hit a pod beetle! Its heavily armored shell absorbs the impact of the blow.
  • Success 50: Roll 99 - You hit a pod beetle! It suffers a bruise to it's head.
  • Success 50: Roll 50 - You miss a pod beetle! It leaps to the side, avoiding your attack.

Blocks and dodges only occur if a roll fails; they provide no skill points and are, essentially, passive skills that make your opponents success roll higher when engaging you.

Getting Started

As a new player, you will most likely begin with one rank of your primary weapon. Your first task must be to have five attacks to ensure you receive maximum skill point gain in a rotation and no penalty for using the same attack over and over. To do this, it is recommended you follow this course:

  1. Find the nearest Practice Dummy and begin by approaching it and ATTACK DUMMY until you gain 100 SP (the maximum amount allowed on the dummy).
  2. Locate your trainer and learn the easiest attacks first to 1, then spend the remaining on average attacks.

At this point, you are ready for more combat and improving your skills further. There are two courses to take:

  1. Proceed to Signal Tower Island until you gain enough Skill Points to raise your basics to 10 and all attacks available to you to 10.
  2. Continue to train at the island and learn Combat Maneuvers and Sidestep, Dodge, Duck, Jump, Leg Dodge, and Swaying Dodge to 10.
  1. Acquire armor to cover your shins, waist and chest, thighs, shoulders, and head (the Auxilii can help with this).
  2. Proceed to the Ludus and take an aggressive or berserk stance against the slaves in the southern portion
  3. Train as mentioned above and continue until you are proven too worthy of the southern, tier 1, opponents.

Ludus Valerius

It is important that you have a full compliment of armor, even basic leather armor, to survive. If you are knocked unconscious here, do not worry; the attendants will drag you from combat and heal you up.

Ludus Valerius attendants will automatically provide targets in the form of slaves of varying skill levels in each of its training areas. The easiest are in the southern portion and will be poorly armed and armored. As you progress through the Ludus, the opponents will help you understand more advanced techniques by providing openings in their defenses for you to target and take advantage of, changing their stances in combat so you can learn to adjust, and trying to disarm you. Please note that SP (and total ranks) is capped here and once you attain 200 SP per skill slot (for example, your character may save 200 SP in each of swords, cestus and brawling, for a total of 600 SP) - you will need to spend it to continue gaining SP.

Tier 1 caps at 250 total combat ranks. When reaching 251, you will be sent to tier 2.
Tier 2 caps at 500 total combat ranks. When reaching 501, you will be sent to tier 3.
Tier 3 caps at 750 total combat ranks. When reaching 751, you will no longer have access to Ludus Valerius.

As other players have recommended, and experience will show, the progression from each tier of opponents is not something you can easily walk into. Your character will need to train elsewhere in order to properly conquer each level of the Ludus. The suggested progression is:

Ludus Valerius tier 1>Iridine Pits>Ludus Valerius tier 2>Colosseum>Ludus Valerius tier 3>Colosseum

Moving Forward

Depending on your stats, you may want to focus your initial effort on improving your reflexes (speed) and your grip (to-hit bonus) as well as your basics in Combat Maneuvers and your weapon to 100. This will ensure you hit targets easier and more often, thus improving your overall training and game-play experience. You may also want to consider learning Recovery (fumble prevention) to 50 to reduce the chances of fumbling your weapon in combat.

Important Stat and Special Skills

Some skills will aid your character in their quest to surviving both PvE and PvP encounters. Stat skills are skills that characters can train to make up for poor stat rolls. These skills aid characters in combat only. Special Skills are skills that aid in defensive and offensive rolls and also include the ability to stop fumbling your weapon in combat.

Stat Skills

1 rank improves any below average stat in combat. Depending on your stats you will see minor improvements throughout but 90 ranks will max out the combat stat to low-end exceptional equivalent. NOTE: This only effects combat. I.e. Reflexes won't make you heal faster.

  • Footwork - Defense Agility Bonus
  • Reflexes- Defensive Speed Bonus (reduces round-time)
  • Grip- Offensive Dexterity Bonus
  • Accuracy- Offensive Perception Bonus

Homework Ranks

  • Recovery - Decreases your chance of fumbling a weapon. Dexterity is taken into consideration, but generally between ranks 30 and 50, you will rarely, if ever, fumble. There is also a small chance of completing your attack.
  • Fall Back- Immediate retreat without leaving openings if successful. Note: Failing can result in openings.
  • Simple Rolling Rise - Allows a character to rise after being swept or knocked down. Remains engaged to the target.
  • Backwards Rolling Rise - Allows a character to rise after being swept or knocked down. Character disengages from the target.
  • Missile Awareness - Adds a defensive bonus to a roll when a missile is shot at the character. This bonus is added to other combat maneuvers bonuses to determine if the arrow is dodged. Maximum bonus received at rank 90.
  • Feint Awareness - Combats the effects of a feint. Maximum bonus received at rank 75.

More Resources

Another informal guide regarding combat can be found here: A Very Rough Guide for Making A Combat Character.

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