Newbie Guides

Getting Started:

Create a character!

The first thing you'll want to do is to create a character. For more information regarding the character generator please visit this page: Character Generator. The National Bonuses and Traits pages will also offer helpful information regarding character creation. The various skillsets available at character creation will have a strong impact on your character's life and you should choose the one that best fits your playing style as well as your character's back story. The Midlight page offers insight on the various homelands from which your character will originate and it is very important for you to read the various countries' information to help your character fit in with the gameworld's lore. You can visit the How to create a backstory (not yet added) to help you construct your character's past history.

In Character or Out of Character?

When you’re exploring the world of Midlight, you’ll be playing a role—pretending that you’re a different person in a different place. Thus, while within the world of The Eternal City, you should be sure to stay In Character (IC). Other players will appreciate this courtesy. This means that you should act like your character would act, and do your best not to react to any knowledge that your character would not know. (This is particularly important if you decide to play multiple characters at a later time.) Don’t talk about your personal life or about your local weather or about how the Cubs lost the Pennant again. If you want to discuss those Out Of Character topics, you can do so in the Welcome Area of The Eternal City, which you’ll see whenever you log in or
whenever you “quit”. You can also “whisper” to exchange OOC information with another character if it’s necessary for IC gameplay or if you have a question for another player about how the game works. Please use brackets ([] or {}) to identify the information as OOC in your whispers.

Gamemasters may give warnings to players who engage in OOC conversation within The Eternal City.

Checking Your Condition

Your character has a number of stats, conditions, etc you will want to remain aware of. By typing STAT you are brought to your characters score sheet. Health points, stats, etc, are listed here. When your health points hit 0, or -20 for those who selected certain traits in the character generator, you will go unconscious. Not eating or drinking can also pose health problems for your character. Hitting 0 fatigue will also make it impossible to use the public channel THINK or effectively fight. You may also type SST for a short list of important stats, CONDITION to check wounds, health, etc, or click on the Red bar on the side of your client.

The Red Bar designates your health. The yellow your fatigue. The blue bar how encumbered you are. The green how hungry. When these bars empty, you should address them as soon as possible or your character may die or become ineffective in combat.

A Little About the Iridine Republic

Iridine is, essentially, the early Roman Republic. Snippets of Imperial Rome and the late Republic are present, but for all practical purposes you are in the middle of the city-state of Rome expanding north and south. As such, the city is a maze of buildings, monuments, activity, slums, and people all trying to make a living in the world's most powerful Republic. Senators argue over politics and foreign affairs and major commercial ventures such as the Moon Bay Trading Company vie for both government and private contracts.

The Republic of Iridine is currently engaged in a war with its neighbor to the North, Cinera. It has been a conflict since the game began and continues to be fought by members of Legio I and II. The war has affected the city in many ways and a stroll through the monuments of the Garden or reading in the library can tell you more about it. Some characters may even have fought in the initial battles decades ago and are often willing to tell their stories to eager listeners over an ale. Simultaneously, Iridine is expanding in the barbaric lands to the south surrounding the small colonial town of Rock Valley. Wild game, barbarian tribes, and dangerous creatures stalk the lands there. If you're seeking adventure away from the toil of the city, it is a good place to call home and get to know.

The laws of the lands are spelled out in the 12 Tables. HELP 12 TABLES will list them for you. Of special interest may be the Crimes and Punishments table. It lists all offenses that a character can commit and be jailed for the player or non-player law enforcement forces. Non-citizens and citizens alike are bound to the same rules, but the punishments and crimes vary based on your status with the Republic.

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What To Do and Why to Do It

Once you have created a character, there are many possible routes you can take. Some players enjoy creating story line characters that interact with the gameworld. Others prefer to build gladiators that emerge victorious on the sands of the Arena. Some strive to be the boss of the darker sides of Iridine's crowded slum, the Steps. It is important to note that this world takes it's theme from the early Roman Republic and players are expected to live, work, and interact within the time frame.

In TEC, you are not limited by mechanics but are afforded the possibility at creating your own place in the world. Everything you do should be done to build your character's story, ensure they survive and prosper, and create content for other characters in the game world to enjoy.


After your tutorial, you will standing in front of Phaedra, our NPC helper, near the famous Stone Toga Inn. You are in the midst of the Iridine City Forum, the hub of activity in the game world. Here, you will start off with some basic equipment, skills, and clothing from your native homeland. A compass is present on all TEC clients, which will light up with the direction you are able to travel. You can click on this compass or type 'go south' to move in a direction. Some areas may be walked to automatically. By typing MARK in the command prompt, you will be given a list of way-points. From your location at Phaedra, go north one pace and then try typing WALK TO BANK. Your character will make their way to the bank automatically. You can also set waypoints yourself by typing MARK MYINN for example. You may use way-points on any main street.

In situations where a direction is not applicable, such as when trying to climb a wall or enter a room, you go type GO DOOR to enter the first door. In rooms where multiple doors are present, you may type EXITS to view a list of exists and GO 2 DOOR to enter the 2nd door. Some places, such as ladders, gates, or obstacles, require other commands. At the obstacles courses you must CLIMB ROPE, GO PLANK, to progress in certain areas.

Think Net

The In Character public channel is known as THINK. You will see players Thinking Aloud on your screen. To think, you simply THINK HI! and you will think aloud, Hi! Thinking drains fatigue, so be mindful of how much you use it. It is a great way to organize hunting trips, ask for help, seek training, and check in with other players. If you wish to ignore think net, you may TOGGLE-THINK. If you wish to become anonymous to both Think-Net and the WHO list, Toggle-Who. You will be unable to think when removed from the Who-List.

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