Newbie Mission Guide


Searching Through the Refuse Heaps

  • Location: Quartz Heights' refuse piles (can be found here: Quartz Heights)
  • Directions: walk to temple, walk to quartz (choose your location from the map above)
  • Requirements: None

Step 1: Make your way to a pile of refuse.
Step 2: Search the area (simply enter: search)
Step 3: Upon receiving a prompt, type in Y to pick up the item.
Step 4: Sell received items to the junk dealer. (walk to temple, walk to vet, walk to junk)

As of 05/20/2019 an entire fatigue bar will net you 101 denars, 3 sterces and 2 sens. Do not waste time doing this.

Cleaning the Vetallun Orchard

  • Location: Vetallun's Apple Orchard
  • Directions: walk to vetallun, walk to crossroads. From crossroads: w x 4, n x 4, nw x 1, w x 1
  • Requirements: None

Step 1: Make your way to the Apple Orchard.
Step 2: While in the Apple Orchard, search the area (simply enter: search)
Step 3: After a short time has passed by (20 seconds), your search will complete and you should find rotten apples.
Step 4: Collect the rotten apples.
Step 5: Bring the rotten apples to Galbria who is at the entrance of the Apple Orchard.

Notes: Searching for rotten apples does not consume fatigue. The creatures within the apple orchard are -not- aggressive unless provoked.

As of 06/01/2019, spending one hour searching for apples will net you 555 denars. Each rotten apple is worth 3 denars and 1 sterce.

Net Mending

  • Location: Uvol's Net Mending Shop
  • Directions: walk to toga, n x 4
  • Requirements: Twine (Required to repair nets), Brush (Required to scrub nets), Leather gloves (optional). Does not drain fatigue.

Step 1: Buy a brush if you don't already have one.
Step 2: Buy a few lengths of twine.
Step 3: Get a net from the bin.
Step 4: Repair net. Repeat until the net is completely repaired.
Step 5: Scrub net. Repeat until the net is completely scrubbed free of muck.
Step 6: Offer the net to Uvol.
Step 7: Continue net mending or ask Uvol for your change.

Notes: You may now use cordage to replace twine. Cordage can be created by using the Outdoors skillset.

As of 05/20/2019: You can make roughly 370 denars per hour while cleaning/repairing nets. You will need to equip yourself with leather gloves which will cost you 120 denars.

Milling Flour

  • Location 1: Novias' Produce at the crossroads near Colosseum.
  • Directions: walk to colosseum, e x 3, go door
  • Requirements: You need to purchase sacks of wheat first from Novias' shop and then make your way to the mill.
  • Location 2: Pompious' Mill in Transinvexium East.
  • Directions: walk to vetallun, w x 9, n x 2
  • Requirements: You must have wheat that can be placed into the mill. Your fatigue will be drained by each push.

Step 1: Get one of your sacks of wheat.
Step 2: Get some wheat from your sack.
Step 3: Put the wheat in the mill.
Step 4: Repeat Step 2 and 3 until your sack is empty (3 times).
Step 5: Push the mill until the wheat is completely ground. (10 times)
Step 6: Get the wheat flour from the mill.
Step 7: Continue grinding wheat or go south and offer the flour to Pompious. Ask for your change when done.

As of 05/21/2019: Milling flour will require you to spend 20% fatigue and turning in the flour over to Pompious will net a profit of only 19 denars. DO NOT waste your time doing this.

Diving for Clams and Mussels

  • Location: Keistos' Shack on Signal Tower Island.
  • Directions: walk to toga, n x 2, w x 4, nw, go n (when ferry comes), go n (when ferry arrives to island), w x 2, nw x 2, n x 5.
  • Requirements: None. Your fatigue will be drained by swimming and gathering clams/mussels.

Step 1: From Keistos' spot, you can 'go pool' to begin diving. You can then SWIM in all available directions.
Step 2: Swim down to get to the corals' level and start harvesting by using the 'get' command in rooms where you see 'mussels' and 'clams'.
Step 3: Keep a close eye on status emotes and your fatigue. You will be told when you need to swim back to the surface for more air. Keep gathering mussels and clams until tired.
Step 4: Head back to Keistos' shack with your mussels and clams, he will buy them from you. Once under the shack you must use the GO POOL command to head back into the shack. Be sure to check for pearls by looking in the mussels and clams before selling them.

Diving Tips:

- Don't forget to breathe! Head back to the surface when you're running out of air.

- Be careful of the currents. They might bring you somewhere you don't want to go.

- Don't swim too far out, or you'll be carried away by the ocean.

- Swim during the day. It's too dark to see underwater at night.

- Wear light clothes when swimming. If you go in with full armor, you'll sink!

- Mussels and clams are best found near the coral areas. Sometimes clams carry pearls, so be sure to check!

- If there are no mussels or clams around, then other divers have already picked them up. Either venture out into riskier waters or wait for a better time to go diving.

[ To dive, 'go pool'. You'll soon find yourself underwater.]

[ Once there, use the 'swim' command to move around. Swim up, down, north, west, etc. to get where you want to go. Use the 'weather' command to try to estimate the currents underwater. To get back into the shack, 'swim up' back through the pool. ]

Salt Harvesting

Stone Mining

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