Officium de Humanitas

Officium de Humanitas:

Earning Credit / Trainers / Shops / Items

The sect of the Revealing Light (one of three sects under the Cult of Ereal) has established a small encampment nearby the Stone Toga Inn to help facilitate the livelihood of young adults, refugees and new residents to the great Republic of Iridine. Those wishing to benefit must prove they are interested in becoming a valuable asset to the Republic by working for the greater good.

You earn reputation with this establishment by: providing crafted goods, managing the population of harmful critters and offering the gastrolith stones found within their stomachs, net mending, milling flour, delivering crates, and offering fresh skinned meat and fish, mined ore and pelts from critters.

Directions: walk to toga, w, nw (numbers 14-19 on the Riverside map)

Note: Only characters with less than 300 Total Ranks will be able to enter this establishment.

Earning Credit:

1) Anything made, crafted, fashioned, assembled, sewn, etc. (BY the person turning it in)
2) Fish caught (BY the person turning them in)
3) Pelts or meat skinned (BY the person turning it in)
4) Stones, Ore or Gems that were obtained by mining in Iridine (BY the person turning it in)
5) Gastrolith stone pebbles found in the stomachs of invasive species of vermin (rats, rock crabs, fluvitur pups, etc.)
6) The cheap costume rings the murderous young thugs and brutes in nearby alleys wear for reasons unknown to anyone with actual taste.

1) Helping Uvol repair nets in the Harbor in Iridine.
2) Helping Piktorus repair nets in the Village of Seld.
3) Helping Pompious mill flour at the mill at the Transinvexium in Iridine.
4) Sorting trash that builds up in dark corners within Quartz Heights.
5) Helping tend to their new vegetable garden in the Village of Seld.
6) Making Package Deliveries for local businessmen and women when asked.


The Officium de Humanitas offers two poorly skilled trainers that will teach you for free of cost, but will require Reputation Points to allow you to rank up.

Veylen teaches these skillsets and all of their subskills up to rank 20 (requires 27 Pebbles to unlock Rank 20): Archery, Pankration, Tridents, Short Whip, Cestus, Two-Handed Axes, One-Handed Axes, One-Handed Crushing, Staves, Spears, One-Handed Swords, Shields, Knives, Combat Maneuvers, Brawling, Avros Gladius Combat, Nelsor Gladius Combat and Cineran Knife Fighting.

Nihleos teaches these skillsets and all of their subskills up to rank 20 (requires 27 Pebbles to unlock Rank 20): Outdoor Survival, Hunting, Basic Tailoring, Healing and Locksmithing.


Priest Neathius will be accepting items that are listed above. The list below was built using pebbles only gathered from creatures' stomachs. Some items that are given to the Priest are worth more or less. As Tale told us in the Welcome Area one day, one pebble is worth 0.75 Reputation, so the list below is not 100% accurate. If an item unlocks at 4 Reputation Points, it will also consume those 4 Reputation Points if you purchase said item.

Item Price Pebbles Required
A torch 3d 2 s 0 Pebbles
A stale food ration 3d 2s 0 Pebbles
A battered and misshapen waterskin 5d 2 s 0 Pebbles
A threadbare large sack 7d 1s 0 Pebbles
Some patched leggings 9d 1st 1 s 0 Pebbles
A flask of oil 9d 1st 1s 0 Pebbles
Some misshapen leather boots 13d 1st 2s 1 Pebbles
A scarred leather skullcap 13d 1st 2s 2 Pebbles
Some poorly-made leather gloves 15d 2st 2 Pebbles
An ill-fitting leather vest 20d 2st 2s 3 Pebbles
A makeshift sagum 31d 4 Pebbles
An old ceramic lantern 38d 4 Pebbles
Item Price Pebbles Required
A bow string 3d 2s 0 Pebbles
Some bandages 13d 1st 2s 1 Pebbles
Some tiny rolls of suture thread 13d 1st 2s Pebbles
A spool of thread 13d 1st 2s 3 Pebbles
A bundle of twenty reed arrows 13d 1st 2 s 4 Pebbles
A tin thimble 15d 2st 6 Pebbles
A tin sewing needle 15d 2st 7 Pebbles
A wooden round shield* 36d 1s 7 Pebbles
A surgical needle 15d 2st 8 Pebbles
A quiver 20d 2st 2s 10 Pebbles
A lockpick 20d 2st 2s 12 Pebbles
A pair of tin sewing scissors 20d 2st 2s 14 Pebbles
A fishing pole 20d 2st 2s 15 Pebbles
A wooden spear* 31d 16 Pebbles
An oak quarterstave * 31d 16 Pebbles
A long wooden club* 31d 16 Pebbles
A tin dagger* 36d 1s 18 Pebbles
A tin helmet 39d 1st 18 Pebbles
A tin gladius* 39d 1st 18 Pebbles
A tin axe* 39d 1st 18 Pebbles
A left-hand studded leather cestus* 41d 1st 19 Pebbles
A right-hand studded leather cestus* 41d 1st 19 Pebbles
A hair whip* 41d 1st 19 Pebbles
A tin trident* 41d 1st 19 Pebbles
An Iridine short bow* 44d 1st 1s 19 Pebbles
A two-handed tin axe* 44d 1st 1s 19 Pebbles
A leather cuirass 95d 3st 2 s 20 Pebbles
A scuffed lorica hamata with bent links 958d 3st 1 s 40 Pebbles
  • All weapons come in Extremely Poor quality.


Item Weight Protection Covers
A well-worn waterskin ~1 pound N/A Back
Some patched leggings ~1 pound No protection Waist, Left thigh/shin, right thigh/shin
Some ill-fitting leather boots ~2 pounds Fairly Good Left foot, right foot
A scuffed leather skullcap ~1 pound Fairly Good Head
Some scuffed leather gloves ~1 pound Little Left hand, right hand
An ill-fitting leather vest ~1 pound Little Chest, back
A baggy sagum ~3 pounds None Chest, waist, back, right thigh/arm/shoulder, left thigh/arm/shoulder
A tin helmet ~1 pounds Good Head
A leather cuirass ~8 pounds Good Chest, back, waist
A scuffed lorica hamata with bent link ~14 pounds Fairly Good Chest, back, waist, right thigh, left thigh

Armor Stacking:
-You can wear the skullcap + tin helmet.
-You can wear the vest + cuirass.
-You can wear the vest + lorica.

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