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The Parcine people started as plains dwellers centuries ago, roving from one
sea of grass to the next with their herds, horses, and collapsible homes
with the turn of the seasons. Composed of a loose confederation of clans,
their government consisted of a clan council which met twice yearly in great
clan gatherings designed to allow the clans to intermingle, conduct trade,
solve disputes, and marry off children to unrelated clans. The council
members were those who by their wisdom and strength had kept the clan strong,
fed, and prosperous in its yearly travels. With the advent of Quintus the
Marauder, a King of Iridine, this all changed. Quintus' army, over a series
of brutal years, drove the Parcine people into the foothills of the Blackroot
mountains, taking their plains in conquest and killing their herds and people.

The Parcines, while mostly peaceful people, knew how to fight back and did so,
but their weapons and fighting skills were no match for Iridine's efficient
killing machines, the legions. Driven into the mountains, the Parcines had to
learn to cope with a new land and climate while the Iridines consolidated
their winnings. When the Iridines attempted to push the Parcines further
a few years later, they discovered to their surprise that this once inferior
culture had learned new fighting tactics suitable to their new home, and
could hold off the Iridine armies with guerrilla fighting tactics, decimating
the centuries and melting away into the mountains like ghosts. This new people
proved too fierce to subjugate quickly, and Iridine settled for owning the
plains while keeping a wary eye on their former owners to the south.

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