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Like any nomadic people, the Parcine gods are those of sun and moon, wind and
rain thunder and lightning…things that travel at will and cross their paths

Animal spirits figure prominently in Parcine religion, both good and bad, and
plant spirits, though lesser, exist as well. Parcines worship the forces of
Nature, recognizing these as more powerful than any man and being the ultimate

Parcines have no problem recognizing the Iridine's god Ereal as a major god,
as he is the sun to them, but they have many hundreds of lesser spirits and
gods that must be remembered as well, a fact which agitates most priests of

Parcines bury their dead, an old habit from the time when they lived upon the
plains, upon which burning a body upon a funeral pyre was at best foolhardy
and at worst devastating, should a fire get out of hand and run wild across
the seas of grass.

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