Situated to the south of the Republic, this is a small but ferocious nation.
Centuries ago, its people were driven from the plains where they dwelled and
forced into the lower reaches of the Blackroot mountains by the armies of
Quintus the Marauder, one of the last kings of Iridine, and relations between
the two countries are cold to this day. Despite this their people mix freely,
and mountain-born folk often travel to the warmer, more virile Republic to
get a fresh start. The Parcines are often considered to be very self-serving
and covetous by others. They also tend to be quite good at making do with
very little.

Parcine Appearance
Parcine Geography
Parcine History
Parcine Religion

Japes forum post:

The Parcines are originally plains folk that were driven into the hills by the Iridines and other 'civilized' peoples.

The Blackroots are the original inhabitants of the mountains (as far as recorded history is concerned).

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