Parsos Emrial

Parsos Emrial: (201-213)
Parsos Emrial, the sixth and final king of Iridine, was a nephew to Tulca II, and picked up the trend of despotism where his uncle had left off. But rather than murdering his uncle, Parsos had an elite guard abduct the Tulca family and escort it back to Cinera. That was the last glimpse of the new king's humanity, however. He pursued the Aestivan war with new vigor, while at home, relying on the loyalty of a small band of hand-picked officers (including an influential mage in the Order of the Flame), Parsos began the methodical execution (based on faked criminal behavior) of some of Iridine's most powerful nobles and senators. He seized the wealth of the nobles' estates and distributed it to his supporters. In the place of the murdered senators, he admitted his own loyalists, some of them commoners, to the senate.

Unbeknownst to Parsos, the General of the Aestivan war, Valstaron Martius (known as the Hawk), had negotiated a truce with the Aestivans and marched his legions back upon Iridine. The ensuing battle was short, but bloody. Many of Parsos Emrial's supporters were slain, and Emrial and his family were scourged and exiled to Cinera. He was later killed in a common dirk fight with his son.

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