Peace With The Nehal


Written by Meletia Sthelenos' player:

[This is a report to Baelan Nelsor from his client, Meletia Sthelenos]

Senator Baelan Nelsor,

Regarding the peace negotiations with the Nehal barbarians in which I have taken part….

Myself, my clients and several other Iridinian residents were able to effect a temporary peace accord with the Nehal, that will last at least 3 months. The Nehal town of Stromheim is now open for trade; they especially value well-crafted items, such as fine cloths, especially silk. Their mines and smiths are apparently of excellent quality. I have met the patriarchs of the major families and most of them are intelligent, reasonable people. The chieftain, Tyrlindax, is intelligent but not reasonable. He has some grievance against Iridine involving his father, which none of the other patriarchs seemed to understand. Nevertheless, there is peace for a time.

Peace at a cost. Just as we were completing negotiations, a small group of Soldiers of Ereal came to the gates of the barbarian town and accused the barbarians of stealing relics of Priestess Iridine. I have spoken with Priestess Senthian and she assures me that all such relics were returned to Monlon shortly after the siege was lifted. So either these Soldiers of Ereal are lying, or they were deceived by people who do not desire peace between Iridine and the Nehal. I spoke to the local So E commander, Jacardus Damolianus, and he swore that he had not given any of his men any such orders. He seemed genuinely surprised by the turn of events.

Unfortunately, the Soldiers of Ereal who accused the barbarians of theft during our peace talks were very aggressive with those of us negotiating peace. Their leader refused to acknowledge me as a patrician even after I showed him my Justice signet. He came very close to calling me a heretic barbarian woman. I was quite sharp with him and he struck me with his sword, rendering me unconscious. In the melee that followed he was killed. I have explained all this to Jacardus, but I fear that there are elements in the Rock Valley situation that will continue to try to sabotage peace.

Sincerely, Meletia Sthelenos

[For those who did not attend the event, the chief families of the Nehal are the Mealth, the Kealthn, the Haagohn, the Grom, and the Rohm. Tyrlindax as the chieftain speaks for the Nehal as a tribe. Grievances between families are brought forth in the chief's hall and judged by majority vote. We Iridinians were permitted to take part in these Nehal politics because we had become adopted kin to the Rohm, thanks in large part to the influence of Tyrlindax's sister Ildra.]

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